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  1. I took you up on that offer after running into a similar issue. Pull request sent.
  2. I'm wondering what are the implication of stubbing and passing the SMBus Controller to a Windows VM? I have an Asus motherboard, and I'm trying to get access to Asus Aura, as they seemed to have broken the persistence of it after rebooting back into Unraid. My IOMMU group looks like this: IOMMU group 10: [1022:790b] 00:14.0 SMBus: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] FCH SMBus Controller (rev 59) [1022:790e] 00:14.3 ISA bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] FCH LPC Bridge (rev 51) I understand I'm breaking any sandboxing to the VM, but is there anything else that might potentially break?
  3. I've been running this for a few days now, and I have to say it's working flawlessly. What I've used it on: -1440p standard monitor -1440p Ultrawide monitor -same monitor, half display -phone
  4. Maybe it's your system. The only issues I've had are with 6.1 and unassigned devices plugin freezing when it losses connection to a remote share.
  5. Is it possible to add the Canary builds as tags for this? Duplicati added a lot of features since the last beta release, and there aren't any release builds.