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  1. Feel dumb, I was connected to my IoT network which has outbound network blocking. What also didn't help was I had accidentally set one of my ports on my switch to the different vlan. After setting it back to my main LAN, everything works.
  2. Re-did my container setup today, with letsencrypt configured finally. I can access my nextcloud via my ddns name, but once I'm on LAN, my phone cannot see the nextcloud server. Anyone run into this issue before, I have Hairpin NAT enabled on my edgerouter, followed Spaceinvaders video on setting both up.
  3. Not sure how they figured that one out, but as of this morning after leaving the container off, its now re-connected and started its resync. So I'm not sure what did the trick.
  4. Hi Djoss, Yes, I saw that somewhere else in the thread to try, no dice. It rechecked what needed to be sent to crashplan and still has waiting for connection.
  5. Hi there, For some reason, as of 2 days ago, crashplan's connection went into waiting for connection status. I've done everything I could think to kick this to connected status, even up to reinstalling the docker application. Code42 was less than helpful once they realized I was using a docker application, I'm not sure what else to do, anyone run into this issue before?