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  1. وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله OpenVPN يغنيك عن WireGuard https://unraid.net/blog/wireguard-on-unraid TeamViewer عليه برنامج Windows 10 VM بالنسبة لي عندي يسمح لي ادخل عليه من برع
  2. Could someone please guide me through the steps to install plugins in ruTorrent? Created a /plugin folder and added the plugin but nothing happened. \appdata\rutorrent\rutorrent\plugins\ratiocolor
  3. Fixed by changing the PUID and PGID in the docker settings to 1000 for both. Now looking for a way to stop the docker from creating the 3 folders (completed, incoming, watched) after every restart.
  4. Hi, Any file downloaded through ruTorrent docker gets written in my storage with read-only permission 0755, although the $profileMask is already 0777 in (config.php). Any idea what is wrong?
  5. It seems that my flash drive is died. I got a new USB and I have a recent flash drive backup from CA Backup. What is the best why to start?
  6. The same problem happened again after 20 minutes. Although I've changed the USB port to USB2 tower-diagnostics-20201021-0045.zip
  7. I've moved the USB to another port and started the server again. I've tried to resume the preclear for both drives. One of them worked and the other didn't. Is there anyway to make sure that the second drive is really "precleared" ? Thanks a lot.
  8. Hi, I started preclear for 2 new 8TB drives yesterday. The pre-read is done, and the clearing was on 50% last time I checked. Now when I access Unraid GUI I get the top menus with empty pages (Screenshot). Also the layout of the GUI was changed. The docker containers are working, the SMB shares are working but they are very slow and not usable. Tried different browsers in different PCs already. Disabled Adblock. Similar issue here My question is, before I try to reboot the server, is there anyway to check the stats of the pre-clearing through ssh? It
  9. SMART extended self-test has completed without errors! I'm sure SeaTools would give me the same results same as before. Very weird. Logs attached. Appreciate your suggestions. @johnnie.black @itimpi tower-smart-20200711-0246.zip tower-diagnostics-20200711-0250.zip
  10. Thank you both for your reponse. I will re-run the extended SMART and SeaTools again just to make sure. The drive is still under warranty, but I can't create an RMA without the SeaTools log showing the problem.
  11. Thank you Johnnie! The drives are now more stable after changing one of the power cables (4pins to SATA). However, I''m getting read and SMART errors in one of the 8TB Seagate drives (Disk 10 - sdi) I did a full scan using SeaTools but it didn't report any errors! Also it passes the SMART extended self-test. Could it be a connection issue also? The diagnostics file is attached. Appreciate your support. Thank you. tower-diagnostics-20200706-0948.zip
  12. Disk 2 got disabled again just after the parity check started. Diags attached. I've stopped the parity check. tower-diagnostics-20200601-1107.zip
  13. Noted. The server is up and my files looks fine. Should I assign the 2 disks again and start rebuilding?
  14. Thanks for the quick response. Will try this now. Edit: Done, the files looks fine. Is there anyway to prevent the logs from being removed with rebooting, and keep them for few days?
  15. Actually 3 disks! First it started with Parity 1 with (UDMA CRC error count) I changed the SATA cable and connected it to another SATA port in the motherboard, and started rebuilding. While rebuilding, Disk 2 got disabled with +2000 IO errors. Rebuilding was not interrupted, I think because I have 2 Parities. Rebuilding completed, Parity 1 disk became green again. Disk 2 has red ball. After few hours, Disk 3 got disabled. Disk 2 - ST8000DM004-2CX188_WCT0M8D4 (sdm) (errors 2) Disk 3 - ST8000DM004-2CX188_WG8011AG (sdl) (errors 2048) Pari