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  1. So far so good after the update of both cards firmware and bios Thank you so much
  2. I buyed the card 2-3 month ago but at this time the ssd were directly connected to the sata port. that's the result of sas2flash -list 0 SAS2008(B2) 0a.03.00.02 00:04:00:00 1 SAS2008(B2) 00:05:00:00 One is the onboard card the second and old one is the 9201-8i Does it matter if the only firmware i found is for the 9201-16e ?
  3. This morning after another "readonly" stat i rebooted. Got the same no valid Btrfs message. So i created 2 pool and copied the VM backup on the cache_vm pool Then i tried to restore my appdata backup but got a "no medium" error So yeah at some point this afternoon both pool were existing and formatted. Then i rebooted to try to solve the "no medium" error. But when the Gui come back i got this error. Can it be related to the use of a lsi pcie sas card ? that some how is mounted after the btrfs device scan on boot The ssd drive are not 2 month old and brand new
  4. I have been using unraid for about 4 years without any problems. 3 weeks ago I changed my case for a fantec 24 slot. I also added 2 more ssd for my cache pool last week. (total 4 ssd) All are directly in the caddy disks space. Since the beginning of the week, every night my cache pool switches to "readonly". I thought it was coming from the "ssd trim" plugin. Unfortunately, this morning again my cache was in "readonly" then after a reboot in "unmountable : no file system no btrsf device". I then thought it was a problem with the fact that I have 4 disks in my cache pool. I tried to make 2 pools named "cache_docker" and "cache_vm" First problem in this case, the inability to create a folder through /mnt/user/appdata => no medium found. But I can create it via /mnt/cache_docker/ So I rebooted again and I lost again my two pool caches I'm without solution now
  5. Is there any chance u can add this : Thx