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  1. Squid, you are my hero!!! Thank you for all your apps/help. I will look into that.
  2. With 6.9 we now have the ability to use multiple cache pools. I transferred my data to a raid1 cache array. However, I still have to leave one hard drive in the main array in order to start the array which is needed to run dockers. This can be mitigated by allowing the array to start regardless of what drives you configured. This will also help those with unofficial zfs mounts. or Change docker & virtual machines to run at startup regardless of array running. This may cause other issues especially if your appdata, vm disks, etc are on the array, so i think the
  3. My ASRock X570 Taichi worked fine with this app. However, when I upgraded to the ASRock X570 Creator it quit working. The x570 creator detects the k10temp nct6683 drivers (which is different from the taichi). I save and load the new detected drivers, and save again only to see "not used" in the three temp slots. Any ideas to get the creator to work with nct6683 drivers?