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    Dynamix Cache Dirs

    Firstly, I tried to post this in Plugin Support, but I couldn't start a new thread there for some reason, so if a mod can move it to the correct location, that'd be appreciated. I've installed this Plugin, but I'm not seeing the GUI that it's supposed to 'build', or seeing the fancy screenshots of their disk usage that some people have posted, or am I missing something?? I've rebooted, cleared web cache, etc, but still not seeing any GUI difference. Thanks, L
  2. darkcyde

    Parity Drive Keeps Error'ing

    Ok, so I got a H220 and plugged it in, and now the disks are all handled by unRaid, and I can see SMART data, so fingers crossed the Parity holds this time. I had to flash the H220 to get it to accept newer drives like the SSD, so I used the instructions from here, just in case anyone wants to do the same thing!
  3. darkcyde

    Confused About HBAs...

    Ok, so the H220 card arrived, I plugged it in and it was recognised, fans didn't go nuts, and it accepted the single drive that I tested it with, it went through to unRaid and the disk was present, so I powered down, plugged in all the drives, and then it sat at POST for the HBA at Initialising phase. So I ended up flashing the H220 with the LSI firmware as per this thread, and it all worked perfectly. Funnily enough tho, when I offered up the existing disks to unRaid via the new HBA, the option was there for me to mount the disks and I could see all the files, whereas I thought that creating Logicals via the P410 as RAID 0 per disk would render the disks unreadable anywhere but in the P410. I decided to preclear all the disks again anyway just to be sure, and now I'm restoring all my data. Thanks for everyones help!
  4. darkcyde

    Confused About HBAs...

    That's what I figured, but wasn't sure. I thought I might have to daisy chain from the HBA to an expander and then to the backplane to get the 12 bays working. Thanks!
  5. Hi I'm currently using a P410 with a 12 bay chassis, but am awaiting a delivery of a H220 in order for unRaid to handle the disks more effectively, allow spin down and SMART capability rather than passing each drive as a Logical RAID 0 with the P410. But I'm a little confused.....my 12 bay backplane only has 1 mini SAS port/cable, whereas the H220 has 2 min SAS Port....will I be able to use all 12 disk slots on my chassis with the H220 only connected with the one cable, or am I going to hit a disk limit, or is one cable just going to limit throughput? Throughput limitation is fine as it's just a media server, and it can serve 4k without any problems, so I'm not looking for blazing speeds, I just need the capacity. I currently have 9 x SAS 2TB 7.2k drives, 2 x SATA 3TB WD Red drives for Parity, and 1 x 120gb SSD for cache....is this all going to work with the H220 and my 12 bay backplane, or do I need an expander, but I don't see how an expander will help if I only have the 1 mini SAS port on the backplane, hence my confusion. Google hasn't helped much here, and I'm a noob concerning enterprise equipment! Also, once the H220 is working (fingers crossed not much flashing is required) am I correct in my understanding that once the drives are handled by unRaid, they will be readable by controller individually, and not unreadable separately like in traditional RAID stripe setups? Thanks in advance! Leo
  6. darkcyde

    Parity Drive Keeps Error'ing

    Here they are, but there is zero SMART data... I've tried running smartctl but it returns nothing. I've bitten the bullet and ordered a refurbed H220, and started backing up all my data in prep for a complete array reset. I checked the specs for both the P410 and H220 cards, and they use the same connectors....the H220 is a Gen 8 card, but people are reporting it working in the Gen 6 servers, so fingers crossed diagnostics-20181104-1719.zip
  7. Hi Bit of background first - I've just got a HP DL180 G6 and I'm using an array of 8 2TB SAS 7.2k drives, with one as Parity. I'm using the included P410 array card assigning each drive as an individual Logical and passing these to unRaid....I know as a drawback here is I don't get any SMART feedback from the drives, as well as other drawbacks. When I first setup the array, I just allowed unRaid to clear each drive as I wasn't aware of the preclear script....everything checked out, and was running fine for about 5 days until the Parity drive developed about 111 errors and unRaid took it offline. I figured it was just a duff drive. So I took an unused drive from the end of the array and replaced this as Parity, this time doing a full Preclear with the plugin/script, which took about 18 hours, and completed fine. I added this drive into the array and assigned it as Parity, restarted the array and it commenced building the Parity. It got about an hour and a half in before this drive started throwing up errors and unRaid took it offline again. I'm currently preclearing the old Parity drive to see if it clears properly. Should preclearing show up any drive errors? I'm using the full script so pre-read and post-read, which was all fine. Why is this only happening with the Parity drive? Do I have a duff socket in the backplane? I know without any SMART data we can only guess, but I need to understand how unRaid is picking up these errors without SMART capability....is it just purely a read/write test that is failing, if so why did preclear complete fine, or is this something else? In the logs I'm getting this.... Nov 4 11:56:03 ******* kernel: print_req_error: critical medium error, dev sdc, sector 481156720 Nov 4 11:56:03 ****** kernel: md: disk0 write error, sector=481156656 and then a whole load of write errors and different sector codes I'm just not clear in my head why it would clear, but then throw up these write errors. Would I be better off changing to a H220 card which would allow me to have SMART capabilities, but I've read some horror stories of people trying to get this server and card combo working properly. Would the H220 card just plug in and be a directly replacement for the P410 on my 12 bay backplane or would I need new cables, and/or an expander too? Thanks in advance for your help! Leo
  8. darkcyde

    MariaDB + PHPMyAdmin

    Hi all - I'm hoping someone can help me with this as I've been chewing on it for about a week now! I'm trying to get a database server running with PHPMyAdmin as the interface for admin.....I've got MariaDB up and running, and that's working with my Kodi Database. I've got the PHPMYAdmin Docker running from https://hub.docker.com/r/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin/, and I can get to the login screen for PHPMyAdmin. I think I understand from the Guide that I need to create a link container, which I asssume links the MariaDB Docker to the PHPMyAdmin Docker, but this is where I'm stuck. I'm running the command as shown in the Guide, modifying it to... docker run --name myadmin -d --link mariadb:db -p 8181:81 phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin ...Where MariaDB is the name of the Maria docker, and I've changed the port numbers to 8181 and 81 as the main UnRaid GUI runs on 80 so it was clashing. And this is where I get stuck....when trying to log in to PHPMyAdmin, I get the error "mysqli_real_connect(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name does not resolve". Does anyone have this setup running on their system who can help me with this? I'm a noob when it comes to Docker and my knowledge is limited, but I'm learning more and more each day. I really need PHPMyAdmin so I can administrate databases for my Apache server....I know I could do it CLI, but I'd much rather be able to see the database via a nice GUI. I'm probably missing something really simple! Thanks in advance!
  9. darkcyde

    Server Raid Config....

    Hi all I've just upgraded to a 'proper' server after using a standard desktop machine for years as a server. I bought a used HP Proliant Dl380 G7 and so far it's working out fine....it came with 2 146gb SAS drives which I intend to add to later with larger drives to replace my separate READYNAS System. However, I've run into a bit of confusion regarding how to set up the raid.....initially I've created a logical drive using RAID 10 in the server bios system, which then presents as 1 disk in UnRaid, but now I'm thinking I should have created 2 separate logical drives (the server can handle up to 64),presented these to unraid and then let the software create the raid out of the two logical drives.....I think my single logical drive approach won't allow me to expand the raid with new drives later.....which is the correct approach? I'd like to sort this now and do it correctly before I move on too far. If the second way is correct, can I create multiple raid arrays out of logical drives as I would like to keep the smaller SAS drives as "system" drives, and then have larger ones used for data shares for video and music storage, for example, rather than have all the drives lumped together. Thanks in advance for your help! Leo