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  1. Your tipp didn't work. Database corruption still happens.
  2. This would defeat the hole purpose of using unraid. At least for me. Btw updated unraid to 6.7.2. However, the corruption happened again.
  3. Which disk: I only have one 8TB WD Drive. One you can find in the wd my book things. Formatted: xfs appdata config path, don't know how this helps you: /mnt/user/appdata/PlexMedia/ direct io: Default? Never changed this settings. I am not even able to find it.
  4. Didn't took long. Database again corrupted. Unraid 6.7.1. I use a r710 with a H700 Raid Card, if you want to know.
  5. Yes. An entry in another forum confused me about the settings, but "Yes" is what should fit the best my needs. This would be weird. Created a new zip archive with the content of /var/log At least I want to try fixing it. It took forever to copy the files, and I don't really want to do it again. var.log.zip
  6. Hello Guys, Recently I added a ssd cache to my configuration and backuped an old drive over network to my server. Of course, the cache disk got filled up, but the mover doesn't seems to work. It only spams this message into the system log: move: create_parent: /mnt/disk1/Backup error: No space left on device But my array isn't full: Only the cache disk is full. Already tried to fix my permissions with the "New Permission" tool. I attached my diagnostics file to this post. I hope you can help me to fix the problem. ~ Nils s3-diagnostics-20181027-0317.zip