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  1. Try it and please comment how it went. I have also ran the MSI Util and checked my GPU in that software. For me, it is like night and day in performance. I really can't tell that my OS is virtualized. Works great! EDIT: Worth to mention is that I'm running Unraid 6.9 Beta 22 where cpu governor is set to On Demand by default instead of power save. This will probably fix some performance issues as well. If you don't run Unraid 6.9, download TipsAndTweaks plugin and change cpu governor to On demand if that isn't the current mode.
  2. Well, after a lot of googling I can answer my own question. For me, this did the trick: To my domain tag, add xmlns:qemu='http://libvirt.org/schemas/domain/qemu/1.0' so it looks like this: <domain type='kvm' xmlns:qemu='http://libvirt.org/schemas/domain/qemu/1.0'> And in the end om the domain tag (in the bottom of the xml), add this: <qemu:commandline> <qemu:arg value='-cpu'/> <qemu:arg value='host,kvm=off,hv_relaxed,hv_spinlocks=0x1fff,hv_vapic,hv_time,hv_vendor_id=Microsoft'/> </qemu:commandline> After adding this I get the following results in AS SSD: Very close to bare metal performance!! And my vm is blazing fast! Can't tell I'm running in a vm or bare metal! I get a warning in the logs: This family of AMD CPU does not support hyperthreading(2) but does not seem to have an effect, I have also tweaked the following tag: <clock offset='localtime'> <timer name='rtc' tickpolicy='catchup'/> <timer name='pit' tickpolicy='delay'/> <timer name='hpet' present='yes'/> </clock> where i changed hpet to yes to get the cpu down a bit in idle mode. Hope this can help anyone else that have performance issues in a vm and where the vm feels slow and sluggish. Like night and day here now.
  3. Now I've also installed Samsung NVME driver and the io performance is still really poor. The vm is good in other terms, but I need to fix this io performance issue... Every tip is appreciated! Edit: Ran AS SSD and here is what I got: Read / Write: SEQ: 2352,81 MB/S 2322,20 MB/S 4K: 16,96 MB/s 21,22 MB/s 4K-64Thrd: 636,29 MB/s 640,93MB/s Acc.time: 0,174 ms / 0,184 ms Score: 889 / 894 Total: 2234 Running the same hardware baremetal got this results: Read / Write: SEQ: 2767,36 MB/S 2411,06 MB/S 4K: 49,44 MB/s 98,08 MB/s 4K-64Thrd: 1192,80 MB/s 2145,23MB/s Acc.time: 0,056 ms / 0,039 ms Score: 1519 / 2484 Total: 4770 Looks like the 4K read / write suffers most. Also the vm is a bit "sluggish" in the responsiveness compared to bare metal. I am passing through a Nvidia GTX 1660 Super and it works perfectly, with correct nvidia drivers installed. It's not the GPU that makes the gui feeling slow, it is something else. When running baremetal an explorer window just opens in the same millisecond as I press the button to open it, in the vm it takes 2 seconds before it is done and has opened it. As I said, I'm passing through the entire nvme controller and also the gpu to the vm, so the vm should have the best enviroment to perform well. I also don't run anything else in unraid, except unraid itself.
  4. Hi! I have just installed Win 10 Pro as a VM in unraid and have done a passthrough of the entire nvme controller that my Samsung 970 Evo m2 drive is attached to. It works, but the disk performance is horrible. Do you have any tricks for fixing such performance issues when a whole controller is passed through? Windows detects my SSD as the Samsung SSD 970 EVO 500GB. Looks as it should. The storage controller is "Standard NVM Express Controller", this I'm not really sure about.. I have a ASUS Rog Strix B350-F and I don't know how to install another driver as I can't installl the motherboards drivers because this is in a VM and a virtual bios.. Help?
  5. Wow, this thread started in february 2018 and this is still an issue. I have the exact same issue with my Sandisk and Kingston usb drives. Stuck at syncing filesystem. The manual way works, to copy the files and run the make_bootable.bat, but why isn't this issue fixed by Limetech?? This bug is over 2 years old and will probably scare new users away.
  6. Looking for small graphics cards to put in my unraid-box, is Quadro cards a possibility? I don't play games at all, so a gaming card is not needed. I run two OS:es at the same time on my server, Linux and Windows. I'm a developer so I develop on my computer, surf the web, some image editing in Photoshop and some video editing. Video editing is on hobby basis, just edit my own recorded movies sometimes. I want to be able to see 4k movies without problems. I saw a PNY Quadro P400 (or p620) 2GB for not so much money, can this card be a candidate for my Unraid box? It supports 3 monitors with 4K@60Hz. What am I missing with such a card? 2GB feels small.. This card is quite small and will fit perfectly in my box.. Gaming cards has 4-8GB memory, and this only 2GB. Thanks in advance.
  7. My GTX 1060 is an Asus Dual OC GTX 1060 with the worst cooler in history, the fans starts and stops all the time because the passive threshold was set exactly where the card temp is when idling. Changed this to a third party arctic cooling cooler, because I wasn't able to find one which was smaller. If you know a cooler that is smaller and silent, love to hear the brand and model. Actually this cooler is not a lot bigger than regular ones and the gpus still takes a big place and blocks other ports on the motherboard. Under my RX580 I could install a usb card but it damn close to the gpu fans, a couple of millimeters. On a regular ATX board 2 gpu cards blocks 2 or 3, pci-e ports (excluded the ports that the cards are installed in) and you usually don't get more ports than that on an ATX board. Looks like I'm the only one with this issue, good to hear. EDIT: And no, did not want to fiddle with fan curves in software because there are no good software for it in Linux.
  8. Hi! I'm running Unraid with two graphics cards (running two os simultaneously, Windows 10 and Manjaro Linux). The cards I have are Nvidia GTX 1060 (sadly with a third party large cooler) and a AMD RX580. I have a very hard time to fit any extra card in my computer because the gpu:s take a very large place and blocks other ports. I have been able to insert another usb pci-e card, but that's it. I have an ATX motherboard and a large chassi (Lian Li O11 Dynamic) How do you fit all your hardware in you unraid boxes? Nowadays when I'm searching for a motherboard I want a PCI-e x1 over the first pci-e 16x-slot, because then you know that at least one extra card fits.. All gpu:s nowadays always takes at least 2 slots and even more sometimes and often the other pci-e slots are too narrow each other :( The biggest challenge nowadays, to get "2 computers in 1" is to be able to fit the hardware you need. :(
  9. Checked with the AMD card again and did pass through on it for a couple of minutes ago. Worked like a charm! Worked out of the box in mac os 👍👍 A little weird startup screen (several small windows) but when it had started i got correct resolution and everything is fast. Chrome / brave works perfectly as well without weird graphic bugs 👍🙂
  10. Can maybe be that, tried it last night and might have missed something. Will try again. Got yellow warning/errors in the log but got the same warning/errors with nvidia and started anyway but with weird graphics.
  11. Okey, I don't think my RX 580 suffer from it because I have powered up and shut down vms with that card set to passthrough without any problems at all. How do I enable it in Macinabox? Just pass through it did not work, did not got any picture on the screen.. Tried to boot up my Win 10 vm right after and it worked.
  12. Ah okey, I see. Will look for that. In the video it looked so easy to get it working, just pass a card through.. Is it easier with AMD-cards? As said, I have a RX 580 in the server as well.
  13. Thanks for this guide, I am trying to do the same thing. I have now used Clover configurator and changed to Mac14,1 and filled in all the above info. I have also clicked in nvidiaweb. I have followed your steps and installed splashtop and downloaded nvidia drivers with the bash command you had, I am getting this error message when trying to install: " Installing new drivers... installer: Package name is NVIDIA Web Driver 387. installer: Installing at base path / installer: The install failed. (The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance. The package is attempting to install content to the system volume.)" What can I do to make the driver not fail to install? I am running Catalina with a Nvidia 1060GTX and have it passthrouged (with a lot of small unreadable screens, same problem as the writer) I also have an AMD RX 580 in my computer, can I make that working in Catalina? I can use either my 1060GTX or my RX 580, doesn't matter which one. But currently I can't install the nvidia drivers as I wrote above Please help!
  14. Thanks for all your replies! Now I know what I can do and what I cant. Good to know that it wont be a problem with ssds when no parity disk is used.