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  1. Thanks for all your replies! Now I know what I can do and what I cant. Good to know that it wont be a problem with ssds when no parity disk is used.
  2. I'm about to install Unraid on my desktop machine. On this machine I'm going to run Windows 10 Pro and Linux virtualized (with passthrough on the GPU:s) at the same time. I only have SSD:s in the desktop machine and will not install a loud HDD in it. I have 4 SSD:s and my thought was to passthrough 1 SSD to each OS and make an array of the 2 other SSD:s in the machine so both OS:es can access the same files via a share. Will it be an issue with SSD:s if I'm not using a parity disk. Actually I'm just creating shares for each disc and will never split files between the discs, they are used as regular discs. For example: A share called "stuff" will only be written to one disc, never ever both discs. Because of this I'm not using parity disks, and I'm backing up data all the time so it is ok if a disc dies.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I will try to downgrade to before March 2019 to see if I get any success with GPU passthrough. I don't really want to downgrade, because at some point I will have to upgrade BIOS again and then I don't know if it will be fixed or not. I also use all four slots of ram in my computer and I need a pretty new BIOS to get the memories stable at a pretty high speed (3000Mhz). But I will give it at a try to see if it fixes the problem. Do we know any mobos that don't have this problem at all? If it is worth changing mobo to a different one..
  4. I also have the same issue "Stuck in D3". Unraid stable 6.7.2 Asus ROG STRIX B350-F Gaming motherboard, bios version 5008 (upgraded just before installing unraid, maybe that was a bad thing). Asus GTX 1060 6GB Dual OC Ryzen 1700 cpu (first gen) Also tried to put an ASUS GTX 750 TI in the computer as well, with the exact same problem. (both gpus installed at the same time) EDIT2: Also tried to downgrade to the BIOS before 5008 with EzFlash, and the downgrade worked for the bios before but not with earlier bioses. Same thing here with "Stuck in D3". Upgraded to 5008 again.
  5. @Constructor : Ok, thanks for the info. Will do that in the future. Suddenly the shares are back. All good for now. Will investigate this further in the logs to see what happened.
  6. Hi! I recently purchased a Basic license of Unraid and I have run it for 12 days now without problems. Suddenly today, all my shares has disappeared. Unde shares it only says "There are no exportable user shares". How can this happen? All discs are ok and looks good. All share-folders and their data are left, but the shares are gone. I can create the shares again, but I really want to know how this can happen so I don't loose the shares again. Nothing suspicios in the logs regarding shares what I can se...