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  1. Are there any plans to add all of the DNS validation methods that are included with ACME v2 found in things like pfsense and opnsense? I'd really like to be able to utilize my GoDaddy API to do DNS validation and get wild card certs for my domain.
  2. Upgraded from 6.7.0 to 6.7.2 and now my docker won't start "Docker Service failed to start", and the vm page is inaccessible "LibVirt Service failed to start". I've tried rebooting multiple times, I also tried going back to 6.7.0. Attaching a diag zip becuase I have no idea where to go from here or how to get my docker and vm services back into working order. unraid-diagnostics-20190626-2041.zip
  3. Just wanted to throw in my feedback on what could potentially be an amazing docker for everyone... Read through the thread and saw that there's no way to get this working on its own IP using ports 80 and 443. As much as I love the idea of having a GUI to make Nginx easier, this is a deal breaker for me. I was bashing my head into it trying to figure out why it wouldn't work until I came here. Like the other 2 guys here I prefer to have my Nginx get its own IP address and be using 80 and 443 so I can split dns and use the same names both internally and externally to access my servic
  4. Title... I've tried creating it with both BIOS flavors, as well as doing CPU emulation and passthrough. No matter what I do I cannot get through the install of Ubuntu. The VM freezes and becomes unresponsive to both keyboard and mouse after a minute or two. Using the latest Ubuntu ISO (18.04 I believe it said). It looks like the VM is still working because the clock is still ticking up and staying current; it just doesn't respond to any input. What else can I try to get this thing to cooperate with keyboard & mouse?
  5. I've gone through this thread page by page and can't find the answer so I'm hoping someone will reply with how exactly I can switch to the unstable branch? Why? I'd really like to have the GeoIP blocking in the firewall which is part of the 5.7.x and up releases.
  6. Don't mean to resurrect the thread, but why not just use nginx to reverse proxy all of your services behind hostnames?
  7. Am I correct in thinking the throttling is the cause of the crashing? If the thermal events aren't the reason for the crashing I really don't care if it throttles here and there. I recently installed Plex and I'm not surprised to see this given the increased demand on the CPU. I do plan to take the box apart and clean it and put fresh thermal paste on it, but I have to wait until Monday for that to arrive from Amazon (I don't have any local shops). I've also ordered a Evo 850 SSD to use as a cache drive to help alleviate all the parity writes from docker containers.
  8. Attached you will find the syslog from my box. From what it looks like the CPU overheated and then perhaps some threads crash, but someone with more experience here take a look and tell me what you think. The crashes seem to be random, and I can experience 1 a day or multiples, it varies. They do appear to be load related as the more activity the machine sees the more likely it is to crash. I've recently added the LetsEncrypt docker and started using Nginx to reverse proxy all of my other containers so I don't have to punch a bunch of holes in my firewall for remote access. Before LetsEncrypt