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  1. Hey all, my Unraid system is built around an Asus Z390A-Pro motherboard, which can use a PCIe card to add Thunderbolt 3 support: Ideally, I would like to assign the card to a windows VM as a PCI device, then hang a TB3 dock off that to handle all of the other devices (KB, Mouse, etc) rather than assigning them one by one. It isn't clear to me, though, if this will work, as the card is more of a pass-through for a TB3 controller on the motherboard than a stand-alone controller. Has anybody don
  2. Cool, thanks. I haven't had to mess with this for several versions, so I didn't realize that was an option.
  3. Okay, thanks. One clarification: how do I create a new config without erasing all of the existing data on the drives?
  4. Okay, what's the easiest way to do the disk to disk copy? The Unbalance plugin?
  5. So I have a system that holds all of the media, etc for my home. It has two 10TB drives and two 8TB drives in it. However, one of the 8TB drives has died, and I can't physically replace it at the moment (doing this remotely). The array is running fine with the failed drive emulated, but I don't trust that for the long term. So I would like to move the data off that to another drive, then rebuild the array without that one drive. Is that possible? I'm thinking something like moving the data off the drive, then removing it from the array and rebuilding. There is plenty
  6. Hey all, I am trying to run this docker on my Unraid system, and I get a couple of errors. The first is that the docker log shows this: 2019-09-25 17:46:42,310 INFO spawned: 'hdhomerun_dvr' with pid 8 HDHomeRun RECORD started 2019-09-25 17:46:42,335 INFO exited: hdhomerun_dvr (exit status 0; not expected) 2019-09-25 17:46:43,337 INFO spawned: 'hdhomerun_dvr' with pid 17 HDHomeRun RECORD already running 2019-09-25 17:46:43,339 INFO exited: hdhomerun_dvr (exit status 0; not expected) 2019-09-25 17:46:45,661 INFO spawned: 'hdhomerun_dvr' with pid 18 HDHomeRun RECORD already running 201