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  1. Good clarification, thanks. Perhaps Intra is just as efficient as the built in private dns function? But it is easier to use the built in for friends and family and you avoid the notification and key-logo. Thanks, I did look at it, as I understood it is equivalent to Pi-Hole + ich777's DoH-client, in that it enables Pi-Hole to send encrypted dns requests to a dns provider? Can it also handle incoming external DoT requests from an Android phone on LTE?
  2. I got both the DoH-client and server running with the intra app on andoid, via Pihole. Thanks for the dockers! I'd like to use DoT using the built in support in android, to avoid a VPN connection app like Intra. Would it be possible to make a DoT-server docker, or add support for DoT in the existing server docker? Or is there another solution? I tired doing a direct TLS stream to Pihole using letsencrypt, and it actually worked sometimes but with crap performance and lots of hiccups. Thanks!