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  1. To me, this would make the perfect unraid server, my box doesn't have the ability to install a CPU that supports quick sync and I don't fancy upgrading my server to one that does, I use dual Xeon's and the only Xeon's I can find that support Intel's quick sync cost about 4 times what I paid for mine, and even then I thought £500 a chip was pricey
  2. I currently have 32gb of ECC ram in my server and I am planning on increasing it to 64gb if I go with unraid full time, I am in the process of looking in to unraid at the moment.
  3. XcOM

    LSI MegaRAID 9260-16i

    Hi, When you tested it did it work out of the box? I'd be interested in this but am in the UK, happy to pay for shipping if all is rosie. Fran