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  1. Hello Cristian, As someone who has also recently gone through this (i7-10700K, Asus Z490-A Prime, 6.9.0 Beta 25), I personally chose to go the path of passing the entire NVME through to the VM (configured through VFIO). If I may suggest, it might be easier for you to run windows on each NVME drive and complete the entire setup of windows baremetal and then boot back into unraid and pass each NVME (and hardware,GPU, etc) to each independent VM. You'll still need to load the correct drivers from unraid but that's pretty easy. Hopefully this helps somewhat.
  2. I'm trying to access qbittorrent via sonarr and I've tried multiple attempts at remotely connecting. Is there a setting that must be enabled via qBittorrent for this to work? I am able to remotely log in via the web GUI but no luck with sonarr. Does anyone else have this working? Thanks.