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  1. Hello all, just wondering the best option for a possibly failed drive. I had an array drive disable itself during a parity check, not sure how far through it was, so unsure if that causes any potential problems. Wondering what the best route to take is as it is a fairly old drive at just over 5 years. Looking at the wiki it might just be a cable issue as the only problem i can see is UDMA_CRC_Error_Count. But not sure if my understanding of it would cause this error. Diagnostics attached (before shutdown) if anyone could advise. Matt tower-diagnostics-20201001-1932.zip
  2. Having similar issues i think, as jackett fails on all indexers. I have it access the internet through privoxy and when i restart deluge to attempt to fix it I can't get into the Deluge webgui. Have tried Qbit as an alternative but eventually the same happens.
  3. can anyone confirm this works with uplay? have found that it just blocks all network traffic with anything uplay related. Many Thanks
  4. I have managed to edit the gameusersettings as required, but even after a restart the mods are not installed. Is there anything I have to run to allow them to download? thanks Have found this, so will give that a go. I guess you just copy over the mods to the docker as they update? https://www.akliz.net/manage/knowledgebase/66/How-to-Install-ARK-Survival-Evolved-Mods-on-a-Server.html
  5. Kuwabara89

    Dead SSD

    So i bought a new SSD to replace my smaller cache drive. After about a week I find out its not detected in unraid, refit cables just to be sure and its showing as SATAFIRM. Looking online its not fixable and I will need to replace. Luckily it should be covered under warranty. Just curious if anyone else has come across this while using unraid? It apparently has something to do with the firmware being overwritten?
  6. FIXED I have just tested the connection to deluge in radarr settings (with and without proxy enabled) and i am getting this error, which is the cause. Unknown exception: Error getting response stream (ReadAsync): ReceiveFailure Value cannot be null. Parameter name: src Turns out my port in radarr for deluge had changed. Not entirely sure how, but all seems ok now. Many thanks for the help, time to start testing out sonarr
  7. Thanks, config attached, have also included radarr settings from unraid. Also the radarr log from when attempting to download. As i seem to be able to get results from the search tab
  8. Hi All, Looking at setting up privoxy for deluge and getting a bit stuck on the setup. I have been following spaceinvader ones videos but cant seem to get radarr to download anything to deluge once I setup the proxy settings (it does work with no proxy setting). Also I cannot get my windows machine working with the proxy address either, so i figured I am doing something wrong with deluge. unraid address is deluge settings below. I can upload any logs if needed. deluge is working all ok otherwise. Just not sure if I am missing something obvious. Many Thanks