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  1. Thanks for the help, I was able to resolve the issue from this source in case anyone else is looking.
  2. Yeah, the permission are drwxrwx--- (can't screen shot it) when I can't access it via SMB The permissions are set to drwxrwxrwx when I can access it after Docker Safe New Perms script is ran.
  3. Yes they are correct. Here is a shot of the downloaded torrent properties in Krusader.
  4. Hey got a permission issue. Every time Deluge downloads a torrent, the torrent is not accessible through SMB in the incomplete or complete folder. I am able to access all other files through SMB accept the ones downloaded through Deluge, so I'm assuming Deluge is setting the permission wrong on the downloaded torrents Error message: "You do not have permission to access this file" I have the containers UMASK set to 000 When I run the Docker Safe New Perms tool, the torrents permissions are fixed and I can access it through SMB. I just don't want to have to run that script every time I download something new. I restored the app data folder as well (was surprised that didn't fix it). Thanks for any help.
  5. Thanks that worked. Ok I will check my container configurations to see what could be wrong.
  6. Hey Squid - when trying to run this script in the User Scripts plugin, I get the error "newperms: command not found" Any thoughts?
  7. Works perfect - you the man.
  8. Hey Squid - using all of your plugins, thanks they all work great. Any chance you could add URL (Open In Another Tab) option for this one?