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  1. I'm running the TEST version and was able to join a pool successfully. I couldn't find the "-c" flag for the Pool Contract Address in the plotting config. Only see space for the farmer key and pool key. In the development branch on Github, i found a sample config that has the Pool Contract Address field. Can I just add this line to my current config? Then do i just uncomment the "farmer_pk:" and "pool_contract_address:" lines and leave the "pool_pk:" commented since we don't need that?
  2. So my weekly appdata backup ran and unfortunately Machinaris still got caught in it and the docker restarted. Selecting "No" on "Update Applications on Restart" within the Backup/Restore Appdata Plugin didn't seem to help.
  3. I had updated the Auto Update Docker Plugin to exclude Machinaris and thought that covered it. My daily docker updates excluded it just fine. Then I realized after an appdata folder backup that the docker updated itself again and I lost 8 Parellel plots In the Backup/Restore Appdata Plugin I realized there's an "Update Applications on Restart" selection which I had as "Yes". I'm thinking this then over rides the Auto Update Docker Plugin that I set to exclude Machinaris. I've set this to "No" now so I'll see if it fixes it on my next weekly Appdata backup.
  4. Thanks, I did end up having to flash to a new usb drive and it's working now.
  5. I found errors in my log which i've attached and went to reboot the server. Now i'm unable to boot and shows the following output. I've tried different USB 2.0 ports and still receive the same error. It's says to Please append a correct "root" boot option; here are the available partitions: But then doesn't show any options after that. I'm at a loss so any help would be appreciated.
  6. I thought I'd check my wallet status after reading this and see that it's not synced. Any suggestions on how to get the wallet to sync up? EDIT: Never mind as it has synced up on its own now.
  7. I woke up today to a similar error on the dashboard saying no USB Drive again. I had tried a different USB 2.0 slot and it was working since the last failure at the initial post. I've attached the diagnostic files again after I rebooted but I'm not sure if it lost anything important from that or not. If I need to grab the diagnostics before reboot then I'll try to if it does it again. If it is the USB drop, then it looks like I'll need to look into a new mobo all together. Appreciate any help again.
  8. Thanks for the tip and I restarted all services and now it seems to be syncing again. Another bonus is before it wasn't updating the plot count in the summary page while my gaming rig was plotting them to the share that holds my plots. After the restart it's added the new plots to the overall plot count on the summary page.
  9. I'm in the same boat. Mine was updating fine and then now has been stuck on this for about 8 hours now. Current Blockchain Status: Not Synced. Peak height: 342681 Time: Wed May 26 2021 22:35:34 PDT Height: 342681 I checked the connections tab and the FULL_NODEs I'm connected to are updating to the current time so I'm connected at least but I'm not sure why sync status isn't increasing. I don't want to try restarting my docker just yet since I have a few plots going but if it doesn't move after a while longer I may just kill my plots.
  10. What are typical sync times for 1.1.6 from a fresh install? I'm going on a 8 hours now and the farming status still says "syncing". Is there a way to see the progress like in the Windows GUI? Would bring me peace of mind knowing it's actually doing something.
  11. Stumbled upon this from the Partition Pixel Chia thread so I'm looking forward to giving this a try! Currently I'm running my full node and wallet on a Windows VM on my Unraid machine. I plot from my gaming machine and place the final destination on a Chia Unraid share. Initially I wanted to run this docker as a plotter first to try things out but would be nice to have this as my full node so I can get rid of my Windows VM. When I first ran the docker, there was no option to bypass creating a new key or importing a current key. To run this as a plotter, wou
  12. It's definitely on a USB 2.0 port. My mobo is the Gigabyte GA-7PESH2 and it's using one of the back panel ports. I could try the other USB port on the back panel to see if that would fix it or not and hope that it's only a bad port. If still an issue, then my guess would be to try the case ports from the USB header as a last resort and hope that it'll work. Thanks for the responses.
  13. A few months back, I updated to a new USB boot drive and would randomly run into issues where the server would run fine for a few days, then all of a sudden the registration status would show "Missing Key File" and all dockers and vm's are not accessible via GUI. However, they all still work fine and are running in the background. Checking the system logs i grabbed the screen shot attached which cycles through those errors in the logs whenever the "Missing Key File" is present. Things go back to normal with a server reboot however it'll throw the "Missing Key File" every few days.
  14. I see, I'll look into getting more RAM in that case. I didn't know about disk4 so i'll look at replacing that too. Thanks!