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  1. When the mover stops it goes at about 35MB/sec for the parity rebuild. Is that what I should expect?
  2. My parity rebuild is going very slowly. I am trying to upgrade all of my 3tb drives to 6tb. Currently I have 8 3TB drives and 4 6TB drives and I'm pre-clearing 4 more 6TB drives. I just took out 4 3TB drives so I did a new config and the parity is going very slowly and I don't know why. The new drives are SAS 7200RPM drives on a 6GB/sec LSI raid card flashed to IT mode. I've attached my diagnostic file as well. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. tower-diagnostics-20200219-1937.zip
  3. Anyone have experience with unraid on a esxi host with a separate fileserver hosting all your media files? If I run Plex on unraid will it still run good reading media off of a network share? I'm going to give the unraid VM 8 cores and 32GB of RAM. I'd love to know if anyone has a similar setup and if it works well. I hate the software raid and filesystem of unraid and want to run hardware raid instead. Thanks in advance.
  4. I apologize if this has been asked before, but how do you pipe the traffic out from this docker to a VPN? I know other people include VPN settings in the docker setup but I would rather use the Linuxserver dockers and its not clear how this works for the torrent dockers. Thanks in advance.