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  1. I have added an additional drive, would that have halted the autostart? Or maybe I read something back when I set up the server back in 2018 about not enabling autostart and left it like that. First I shut down. Added drive. Powered on. Began drive clearing process. Saw notification about OS 6.7 being vulnerable. Upgraded to 6.8.2. Remotely stopped clearing drive process and rebooted. Now I can't VPN in. Is Wireguard the 6.8 feature that I wouldn't have had yet and it works prior to starting the array? I don't know why I never saw notifications for updating to 6.8.
  2. I wanted to VPN into my unRAID dashboard to start it after an upgrade reboot from OS 6.7 to 6.8.2, but VPN isn't connecting. So I guess Docker items like OpenVPN don't start until the unRAID has been manually started by me on site? Or Docker items won't autostart after an OS update? Makes remotely updating the OS kind of difficult....
  3. Well it says Frodo/Gotham compatible, and Leia is the current version.... The top most post was written in 2011 and updated 2014. And the download link page doesn't have the executable.
  4. When I log into my Win10 VM and launch Kodi, this message pops up "ERROR: Unable to create GUI. Exiting"
  5. I would like to run Kodi on my Win10 VM. Not to play video, just to do database additions/corrections remotely. Would any PCIe x1 Video Card allow me to do it? One x1 slot is all I have left open on my motherboard. (x16 and x1 are taken for SATA and USB.) What's a good x1 video card to get? And I assume I'd get a side benefit of audio playback over HDMI from the video card for programs like Winamp too, no?
  6. Well I can't login to the WD site. I can't rest my password on the WD site. And the WD site's customer portal apologizes for the inconvenience when my case details won't go through. And my email to wdsupport@wdc.com bounces back with "this email is not monitored, please use customer portal." And unRAID now says "Disk 6 in error state (disk dsbl)" This is the third time I've tried, the first with a new drive cage. But I guess the new drive cage ain't helping. Any other ideas?
  7. "Last smart test result: Completed without error" Now what? WDC_WD60EFRX-68MYMN1_WD-WX21DC43D5UZ-20190804-0808.txt
  8. So I got a new iStar dock and have now re-added this same HDD yesterday as a new disk and this morning I see a "Array has 1 disk with read errors" warning. How can the same HDD pass the WD Diagnostics extended test and then get read errors in unRAID, now connected via a brand new dock? Currently 10% into a SMART extended self-test of HDD.
  9. Tried to print for the first time in my Win 10 VM and Brother printer driver wouldn't install. Microsoft support suggested updating Windows because I wasn't on the latest Windows and the latest is supposed to have printer fixes, so we downloaded and ran the Microsoft Windows MediaCreation updater a few hours ago. Checked on it just now via VNC and screen is Tianocore over black. Forced stop VM (because normal stop didn't stop) and restarted to just see Tianocore and spinning dots over black for a while. Forced stop again and unchecked CPU 1 and 2 leaving 3 checked and 0 unchecked. Spinning dots frozen. Forced stop again and checked CPU 0 and unchecked 1-3. Two frozen dots on black Tianocore. (Four single CPUs) Any ideas? Back to CPUs 1-3 checked because then the dots were at least spinning? update: Went to CPUs 0-3 checked and unplugged all USB devices and finally got to blue update screen and spinning white dots with 90% "working on updates" message.
  10. New HDD in Disk 4 position working fine so far. Ran an extended test on the old HDD with WD Diagnostics in Windows (connected via USB 3.0 HDD dock) and it passed. So not sure why it got disabled twice in unRAID array if WD Diagnostics can't find a problem. I'll wait until new iStar dock arrives and add it as a new disk and see if it fails a third time.
  11. Disk 4 disabled again. Replaced with new disk and reconstruction started again. Still waiting for replacement iStar dock to arrive. I’ll feel safer adding more drives when that arrives.
  12. SMART extended self-test passed and reconstruction started. ETA 9 hours 23 minutes. While the test was running I went to the local computer store looking for a new 10TB drive and none were to be found. I guess that's a popular size. They had 14TB but that seemed like overkill since it was bigger than my parity or data drives so I bought a 12TB which I'll add as a second parity when the reconstruction is done.
  13. Powered down unRAID and checked the connections -- they seemed okay. Then checked slots in iStar dock where drive is in slot one. Noticed drive did not pop out easily when latch opened. Then noticed lever at back of dock slot not in place -- it was completely loose. So I moved the drive from iStar dock slot 1 to slot 4 and powered up. Disk 4 is still marked with a red x and disabled. Unraid notification appeared: Unraid array errors: 12-05-2019 00:53 Notice [SERVER2018] - array turned good Array has 0 disks with read errors Then I ran a SMART short self-test of Disk 4, results attached. Currently running SMART extended self-test and ordered a new iStar dock -- I didn't realize the back levers were so delicate. Num Test_Description Status Remaining LifeTime(hours) LBA_of_first_error # 1 Short offline Completed without error 00% 30381 - server2018-smart-20190512-0114.zip
  14. Diagnostics attached. How should I proceed? Should I get a new drive? Unraid Disk 4 error: 09-05-2019 07:24 Alert (SERVER2018) - Disk 4 in error state (disk dsbl) server2018-diagnostics-20190511-1533.zip
  15. Use rclone-beta plugin (yes the plugin)......not the Docker Container. Then open a shell and type "rclone config" to begin your setup I've just installed the beta but I still only see rclone (not beta) in my plugin list. Should there be two rclones in the installed plugins tab -- rclone and rclone-beta? update: trying again after uninstalling rclone and installing rclone-beta