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  1. What does that mean? I can stub a toe. Or a cigarette. But stub a card?
  2. So I upgraded the CPU to a Intel Core i7-9700K and it has helped the Win10 VM significantly. It took quite a few reboots and unplugging of USB and HDMI to get the VM to get past the Tianocore screen but it finally got into Windows. But since upgrading the CPU there have been five "Cache disk is hot" notifications (53, 51, 53, 54, 50 C -- one yesterday and four so far today. So I raised the warning temperature for that drive to 70 C. How should I set the Logical CPUs for a MacOS VM? I've allocated all 8 cores to Windows 10. When I try to start MacOS Catalina VM while Win10 VM is running, audio playback becomes garbled in Win10. Is there a specific balance of Logical CPUs between MacOS VM and Wind10 VM that won't result in warbly Windows audio?
  3. Ran a PC test. Result: "PC Performing below expectations (23rd percentile)": https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/44921725 Would upgrading the unRAID's i3-8100 CPU help the VM significantly? Chrome tabs are no longer crashing but apps do become temporarily non-responsive.
  4. DNS change to, and didn't do it for me. Trying an update to 6.9.2 from 6.8.3.... update: after updating unRAID to 6.9.2, checked Docker and still found "not available", so then checked "/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/include/DockerClient.php" and saw it already had the "@i" edit mentioned in the other thread, then checked Docker again and "not available" was gone and replaced with a mixture of "apply update" and "up-to-date" Hope everything else still works in 6.9.2...
  5. Rebooted unRAID and VM was able to boot again. Weird. Looks like VIA USB controller is back too.
  6. I noticed that the assigned device VIA Technologies VL805 USB 3.0 Host Controller in my Win10 VM wasn't showing up in Win10 (in device manager it had a stroke through it), so I rebooted the VM. Rebooting got stuck on the TianoCore screen. I tried powering off everything connected to the USB controller and rebooting again with a force stop first. I'll next try pulling all the USB cables. Don't recall having this issue before in the two years I've been running this VM.
  7. Well this goes back to my original question about my old disk1 passing the SeaTools tests. From Seagate's "Warranty Claim Validation Process": Will Seagate hold me to SeaTool's inability to see the issues that my unRAID is experiencing?
  8. What action should I have taken at 3 digits? SMART extended self-test of disk1 has reached 40% I'm doing a Windows long format of old disk 1 before submitting it for Seagate RMA.
  9. I got these SMART health emails on Nov 15: And on Dec 15 this email: Should I have acted on them? There weren't any read error alert emails until March 23. I'll start an extended test on new disk1 tomorrow. Does it take as long as a rebuild?
  10. Dashboard shows SMART errors on: disk1 - Reallocated_Sector_Ct - 8 disk3 - UDMA_CRC_Error_Count - 64 disk5 - UDMA_CRC_Error_Count - 25 I am set up with email notifications. Past SMART health warnings have been about the *GDM (removed as disk1, formerly parity1 -- on 11/15 and 12/15) and *LX1 (new disk1, former parity2 -- all on 03/23) 12TB drives.
  11. Rebuild of new disk1 finished. server2018-diagnostics-20210329-0818.zip
  12. Rebuild of new disk1 (old parity2) started. Should I wait until rebuild is complete before wiping and RMA-ing old disk1? server2018-diagnostics-20210328-0925.zip
  13. parity2 is rebuilding because that HDD was upgraded to a larger HDD. Rebuild is done. What do I do with old disk1 after I replace it? Wipe and send to Seagate? "WARRANTY Valid till 09/Aug/2021" server2018-diagnostics-20210328-0832.zip