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  1. tmoran000

    Dark theme help

    I also agree. not being able to modify the stupid white is quite annoying.
  2. tmoran000

    Server says no Config File Found

    Thank you for the response
  3. I have just had something damn near Identical happen to me. I had to wipe and start fresh with new OS
  4. tmoran000

    Server says no Config File Found

    the only machine I am putting on the network is this laptop which I just checked and is clean, and the server but since I am using a new USB becasue I think the original is compromised.. How do I find my License Key....
  5. tmoran000

    Server says no Config File Found

    That is what I was afraid of
  6. tmoran000

    Server says no Config File Found

    now, now matter how many times I rewrite unraid on a usb using the creator and no matter how many different USBs I use, The machine will not boot from USB, just keeps saying not a bootable drive.. AHHHHHH
  7. I just came home to my server not working, When I plug in the monitor there was all kinds of errors on the screen, I had to force reboot the machine and now it says something about syslinux config file not found and when I pulled the USB and looked at the files, This is what the file structure looks like
  8. tmoran000

    MAC Speed issues

    I see where it is enabled in unraid. maybe I will turn it off and give it a try.
  9. tmoran000

    MAC Speed issues

    when you say turn it off, would that be in unraid or something I need to locate in the mac OS?
  10. tmoran000

    Show me your builds!

    I used these" Rosewill Server Rack Rails/Server Slide Rails/Server Rails, 26" Three Section Ball-Bearing Sliding Server Rail Kit (RSV-R27LX)" , This is the chasis "Rosewill 4U Server Chassis/Server Case/Rackmount Case, Metal Rack Mount Computer Case support with 15 bays & 7 Fans Pre-Installed (RSV-L4500)" . all parts ordered on Amazon including rack. Ya its sitting a half U out because I originally intended to run cables out the gap but decided not to and the server is so heavy to lift my self. Just havent gotten any help to correct the gap yet.
  11. tmoran000

    MAC Speed issues

    When I am transferring files from my MAC laptop to a folder on my server it runs so slow but when I transfer the same files from my Windows laptop the files fly. Is there anything special I need to do to make the folder more compatible with Mac? I know there is the SMB/NFS but I am not familiar with what this is or what it does. Anyone know if there is an issue or slowness using Macs?
  12. tmoran000

    Question about Ram

    These ones were not color coded, usually you are right, 2 one color 2 the other, this time all black and when ever I got a board like this is was always a1, b1, a2, b2 but this time it was a1, a2, b1, b2 . so my mistake not reading the manual.
  13. tmoran000

    Question about Ram

    I figured this out. It was that my ram cards were installed in A1 and B1 instead of A1 and A2. Moved the ram card and boom all is available now. Thanks everyone for the help
  14. tmoran000

    (Solved)Server randomly crashes

    Update**** It turns out that it was a bad CPU causing this to happen. I replaced the CPU and it resolved the issue totally.
  15. tmoran000

    Question about Ram

    ya something is Def not right. Based on the Free -h command it is saying that I only have 7.8gb total which I know is incorrect so Somehow unraid is not seeing the other 8gb I have