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  1. Hello all. For a while now when I have a bunch of people on my server watching Plex, The plex docker randomly kicks everyone off, Plex docker goes offline and I have to reboot the docker to get it back. The Docker log shows nothing when it fails. I have attached the Unraid log. Could someone who can understand this take a look and let me know if it shows why its going offlne, it went offline 3 times in a row on 11/22/23 about 10:25PM - 10:35PM (If the time helps). I would really appreciate any help.
  2. Is there a way to back up the Parity drive or make a Snapshot of sorts in case of a catastrophic failure.
  3. When I add the Link to Plex. it always says no channels even tho all the channels are showing in the Stream Master
  4. so with Plex. I have it installed on an unassigned disk SSD. would I just point the transcode folder to /dev/shm?
  5. thank you. Trying that now. if it is a symptom, what could some of the causes be? I ruled out the network card, Ethernet cable, Port on switch, internet connection. Even changed its local IP address
  6. Is there any way to not use the API so this stops happening?
  7. My internet provider lost power a few times today. My unraid and router are on a back up battery so they never suddenly dropped. Since then unraid will not stay connected. everything else in home is perfect. I keep getting the follow api error (images) then I will refresh page and have this message " This site can’t be reached refused to connect." for about a minute and then get access again. I have replaced network cable, and moved to new port on switch. .. basically i have ruled out the switch, router, network cable and network card. the only thing left is unraid itself. Please help.
  8. I apologize but could you elaborate on how to do this. I understand the basis of what you said however when I look to store data for example my Plex transcode folder in what I would like to be a Ram Cache. the only locations I can see would be the array or my unassigned drive (SSD) I am currently using. How would I point that to "Any location that is not a physical Device" If I can not see it? Sorry for such a noobish question.
  9. After basically rebuilding my network and server its working fine.. no clue but its working.
  10. Every time I click on the dashboard tab the GUI crashes. I have a new fresh copy ,. not from backup and its still doing it. Anyone seen this before? I have not even built array yet
  11. Is anyone having issues with any docker apps since upgrade? Sickchill just keeps telling me that "There was a problem downloading, setting permissions, or writing to /Media/xxxxx.torrent. Error: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:" what is odd is the download folder is /Downloads and always worked. now its looking at /Media however when I add a new show it builds a folder in the downloads folder. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. multiple times a night and day my Plex app crashes and needs restarted. Sometimes I need to reboot entire server to get it to go back to a semi stable state. this may happen a few days in a row. and then sometimes it will work flawless for days. could someone take a look at these logs and let me know if anything stands out. I am using the most updated version of Plex docker and just upgraded to newest RC of unraid to see if it would help but it didnt. thanks.
  13. after I clicked the Provision button, it kicked me out and now wants me to sign in, It wont take my root name/pwd or my credentials....
  14. I have 2 different servers with VMs , none of the VMs have audio drivers or outputs even tho the mother board has Audio. is there any way to get audio drivers installed in these VMs so I have some sort of audio output without installing a separate sound card? I am running windows 10 VM on both servers