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  1. I agree, it didnt make sense but it seems to be what was happening, not sure if it cancelled and restarted. just know that the speed dropped and writes started on the array and fully stopped on the cache. if it happens again Ill try and get a video capture of it, maybe Im not understanding what I am seeing happening and am missing something but i think I pretty much explained it as I see it.
  2. Can anyone help me with this weird issue.. so Just recently started using a 1TB Samsung Evo Cache drive.. what I have been noticing is about mid way through say a 10gb file transfer (Im on a 1GB network ) I go from transferring at like 80MB/s - 90MB/s down to 30, 40 or less.. I look at the writes and they stop writing to the cache drive and start writing to the array. I have to cancel the transfer and start it again and it resumes at the high speed and writing to the cache drive. Maybe its a setting I dont have set up but the drive is no where near fill , less then 200gb on average before the mover runs.
  3. Ahh yes, that makes sense. Thank you. once my parity is done rebuilding ill pull and rebuild those drives. Thanks for making sense of my confusion.
  4. ok so here is where I am, So yes, I pulled the parity but yes somehow it became not valid which is ok. I wanted to upgrade my 8tb to a 10 anyways.. so what I did was out the 3 drives back in to the enclosures and with a new config everything is back. Its rebuilding the parity now but when I am done, I will be adding a few new drives. What I want to do is move the data off of the drives I put back into the enclosures to an empty disk so I can then remove them from enclosure, add to my disk shelf and format..... Other then Krusader since it sucks, slow and errors. is there a fast/semi easy way to copy from one disk to another? Thanks and sorry for confusion. also thanks for all the replies.
  5. I have a parity, i just pulled it when I pulled the diag. I think you are right. I am going to add them back to enclosure untill I can offload them onto a new drive 1 at a time
  6. I am getting this error now. I was using these drives in the WD Easystore enclosure, i sinced removed them and now they show this... any way to fix it?
  7. thank you for the great explaination
  8. I am trying to fully understand the cache drive and how necessary it is. I am primarily running a plex server and NAS for achieving.. here is my question.. 1) The files I move onto the server that get put onto the cache drive before the mover moves them... will they be simulated as in their final resting place? I.E. if I move a file to my movies folder although it goes to cache. untill its moved by the mover will I still be able to find this file in the movies folder. 2) If that file is in use while it is on the cache drive and the mover tries to move that file.. will it fail to move? Will it kill the plex stream of someone watching it or if its a Doc. will it error out the doc thats opened or will it move without interrupting the current access of the file. Thank you
  9. can some one help me with my high utilization all of sudden. out of no where it starting to shoot to 70%+ nothing has been updated or anything. thor-diagnostics-20200425-1633.zip
  10. the only plug-in I use is UBlock Origin and I disabled it and still same.
  11. you are right. Must be Chrome, It works in Firefox and Brave... thats annoying
  12. using chrome. just used it right before upgrading
  13. I just updated to 6.8.3 and now VNC gives this error. any way to fix