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  1. Can someone answer me this question. Since using Rclone with my Plex/Unraid server. I have noticed an overwhelming amount of RAM usage even when only 1 stream from my Rclone mount is in use. I have 24GB of RAM. Only dockers are Plex, Filezilla (Which is off) and 2 VMS ( Also Off) and usually I am at about 30-40% used but it seems when someone is streaming from the mount, It shoot up to high 90% even with just one stream. Is there any way to use my SSD as a cache for Rclone instead of my RAM? or would that not work.. Thanks.
  2. its not that Rclone is not set up properly. I am all over that thread and have gotten help. I feel its an issue with the combo of plex,rclone,unraid. unmounting and remoounting does not fix it. plex still will not see the mount even tho krusader does and restarting plex does not fix it either. only fix is a full server reboot which makes no sense to me but it is what fixes so the auto reboot is really my only option other then having to vpn in every time the wife says we lost tv shows again .... kind of annoying imo.
  3. thank you but in my opinion. that link is useless. All its full of is a bunch of people trying to get their scripts to work.. heres my code. why doesnt it work and someone helps them. No where in there does it provide support simply writing the script. That is what I am looking for. How to produce the script.
  4. is there some sort of guide or documentation for this?
  5. So with my situation running plex and having some data stored locally and some on gsuite I find my self needing to have to reboot atleast once a week because Rclone loses the Mount. so I am looking for a solution to auto restart unraid at a certain time and date per week to automate it. I looked at the internal options and didnt see any and could not find a app option. Does anyone know if any solutions to auto-rebooting unraid servier say.. every Sunday at 4AM?
  6. hey everyone. I've been having an issue with Rclone for a month now. It comes and goes but none the less is so annoying. With much help form this community I was able to get rclone to work. I have been sending files to it regularly and I use it with Plex but here is what is happening. With this in mind. Nothing has changed with the scripts, OS, or Rclone Ever 2 days I lose the mount and can no longer connect to Gsuite. The only way to get the access back is to fully restart the server. Running the unmount and mount again fail to fix it. Now it is possible my unmount script is bunk but still.. I lose the connection all the time. I thought maybe it was an api issue or maybe I was using to many connections to the gsuite drive but I am not uploading to it at the time and I only have maybe 5 or 6 connections to it from plex.. Can anyone shed any light on why this might be happening or what I can do to try to stop it. I think its a great service but this is driving me nuts and im borderline going back to using hard disks. they are just less hassle. Thanks in advance. .
  7. I will primarily be using the copy command. I see you are using the source starting at /mnt/, that is very helpful. Now in the documentation on the site it showed the first command in an Rclone copy as Source:Source path... Im not sure what to replace the "Source" with.. I understand the path now but what would I change the word source with before the : so where the ** is what would I put here based on the format Source:Sourcepath Dest:Destpath
  8. I have read some more but still nothing on here is clear how to write the source command..... Source:Source path.. would it look like Unraid:/mnt/user/Media/TV Shows/ . ? the destination would be Gsuite_Stream:Secure. like I wish they would have put an example of what it should look like not just what the criteria is.
  9. I have 2 VM's 1 is a Win10 and the other is Win7 . I have a 1gig/1gig connection and my server is a Ryzen 2700 with 24gb of ram. When I speed test on my VM's I am getting speeds under 100mbps. thats with nothing else running on the server. When I hardwire my laptop into my switch on the same ethernet line that is going to my server I am pulling speeds of 700mbps and up.... What could possibly be causing speed issues with unraid/VMs. Is there a way to speed test in unraid? the apps I have seen are terrible and have not given me very good success. Any help would be great! thanks!
  10. Now that I am trying terminal to move files instead of krusader.. i was reading the Rclone.org site and I see that it is providing a command "rclone copy source:sourcepath dest:destpath" . so I am in need of some help with the Source;Sourcepath.. my files found in users/media/files/ . Im not sure what to put in as "Source:" the dest I am assuming is my Gdrive:encrypted:/ . I guess I am looking for the proper way to form to the source command. or atleast an example of what it should look like. Thanks.
  11. maybe you should stop coming off as a dick. Never once did I say I was unwilling to learn, I was simply stating what I have done and where I was getting the errors based on the help I have received so far by some very good members of this thread so from here on out I will not need your help. thank you.
  12. It does the same whether I write to the mount folder or to the Union folder I have tried both and both continue to error. Also I do not know how to transfer through Terminal shell so Im limited to Krusader
  13. Can someone tell me while this keeps happening. Its random and non consistant. I am making sure I am well under the 750gb per day and if I hit retry 10 or 12 times it will work and move on for a few files before doing it again. its making moving files to gsuite a grueling process
  14. It was working perfect as well for about 2 months. Then out of no where. Poof it breaks and has been a terrible since, Removed , reset and garbage., I wont waste space on this thread for others needing help. I am just sad that I lost 16tb of data and the fact that it seemed like such a good idea... I just wish there was another option then Rclone. I personally thing it is the issue . Thanks
  15. this is more of a vent so I dont intend anyone to listen but moving to gsuite/Rclone for hosting files and streaming for Plex has been the worst experience I have had in a very long time. You all have been great with your support and the frustration is not with yall. My frustration is the fact that I made the change and it just sucks. between it taking HOURS to scan 1 into plex with less then 20 files. From it constantly giving me the "Cant write to drive" error. To it going moving files at 100+mbps to 140kbs ... I think I am about over using Gsuite specifically with Rclone. So Thank you all I think I am throwing in the towel. Edit*** After talking with a member here who has helped me before... I am going to give it one more go....