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  1. any update on the Quadro 600 as a GPU? I am still having the same issue. Add it as a GPU and boom. maxed all cores and server totally freezes. Is there a list of supported cards anywhere, I searched and can not find a definitive one
  2. Also.. The last I checked. The Quadro 600 is not supported. I have this same card and everytime I build . VM no matter if its Windows or Linux if I use this card The entire server freezes.. Maybe I am doing something wrong but as far as I know the issue is the card
  3. this randomly stopped accepting my username/password. is there any where I can retrieve it or reset it.. the "Email Password" does not work.
  4. thank you both for the great pictures. This helps a lot!
  5. would you mind posting a few photos of your hardware, and if I understand you correctly, the 2u 12bay is seen by the unraid server as available hard drives to add to the array?
  6. Hi, I have some questions I am hoping to get some direction on. I have a 4u chasis with 15 disks. running on an asus board and ryzen CPU. I have maxed all these drives out and I am looking for a good way to expand externally that will use the current unraid server and will be able to expand the current array I have in the main chassis. I would like to avoid USB drives if possible. If it is not possible to connect a disk shelf or a second chassis to the main to expand the current unraid array is there a way to add the drives from a second Freenas (or some other free OS) that would allow chassis 1 to see it so I can add it to my Plex. Basically if I have 2 15x drive chassis and Chassis 1 has unraid and chassis 2 doesnt. can I make my plex see it or make Unraid see it so I can make the folder available? i can't seem to find a way to allow unraid to show a network folder thats not on the internal array. If anyone could answer either of they pathways.. Expand what I have or Link a network storage, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
  7. Thank you, that was actually fairly easy. I was using the linuxserver release after changing from this release and since then I have had so many people complain of Xbox plex streams freezing and buffering. Never had that issue with binhex.. I dont think its the P2000 causing it soo.. guess I will wait and see..
  8. Is there a simple way to get a P2000 to work with this verison of Plex? The linuxserver version has line in the setup for nvidia... i couldnt find a doc on how to edit this verison to make it work with HW. can anyone help?
  9. thanks, Ill try to get this written in.
  10. So this is the command I am using to download files from my Gdrive to my server again since im ditching Rclone/Gdrive. Is there something I can add to this command that would limit the speed it is downloading. Like to add a download speed limit. When I am downloading free since I have a 1gb connection its killing my plex traffic. " rclone copy Gdrive_StreamEN:Secure /mnt/user/Media/_Temp/rclonemove/ --ignore-existing -v "
  11. these are all old and outdated
  12. I have a Ryzen 2700 machine, I have a quadro 600 and a quadro p2000 installed. I have used the Nvidia Unraid to install an nvidia verison. here is what is happening. When I set the quadro600 to be the gpu on a VM i have the VM spikes all cores to 100% and freezes the entire server. I have to hard reboot to recover, If i set the VM back to VNC, works fine again.. I have not tried the p2000 with plex yet but I hope its not this hard.. Am I missing a step to use the 600 with VM? can anyone help?
  13. I have read it and I cant seem to get the string to work. I keep getting an error that something in my command isn't working... That is why I am asking for help. You shouldn't assume when a question is asked its because they did not research first
  14. I have just exhausted rclones last chance on my system. I have had nothing but issues with it for over 6months. Again with absolutely nothing changing on the system. plex/unraid totally freeze when scanning the library that points to rclone/gsuite to the point I have to hard reset the server. Both Unraid and plex have been updated and plex has been reinstalled about 100000000000000000000000 times but it still happens ONLY when scanning through the mount.. I have had an absolute enough and am not giving this terrible system any more chances. What I am looking to know is what is the best method to download my data back to my hard drives? When I used Krusader it Fked up half my files and I had to redownload them. I have the string to upload to gsuite with terminal but I can not put a Download string together to download. Anyone able to help?
  15. Ok so I have fixed the missing Icons at the top of the screen when I open plex but here is what I am now experiencing.. Ever since this happened I Plex randomly spikes one of my cores to max 100% and after about 30 minutes unraid totally freezes and needs to be hard reset again. I updated unraid to the most recent release along with using the newest Binhex plex release yet it keeps happening. always one core and its random gets hung at 100% and freezes out plex.. is there any way to see how/what from plex is causing it to spaz out like that?