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  1. I've been an unraid user for just under a year now and I absolutely love how helpful the community is and how well it works. It started out just as an easy OS to set up for plex but it has become so much more. Amazing how its been around for 14 years now.
  2. --Edit-- Well I figured it out. I was using a server that didn't support port forwarding. --Edit-- Hi there, Super new to unRaid and still figuring things out but loving it. I'm trying to setup Deluge with my VPN (PIA). I have followed spaceinvaders guide but no matter what I always end up with this message when trying to start the docker. "Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at" (only put in the x's as I don't know if that would make me vulnerable or something) I copy in the two files that he shows from the openVPN folder downloaded from PIA. Is it possible I am using the wrong certificates? They offer both TCP and UDP and I am not sure which to use. Here is what I have in my openVPN folder within binhex-delugevpn: ca.rsa.2048.pem ca.rsa.2048.crt Netherlands.ovpn Am I completely missing something? I can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!