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  1. Has anyone been able to test Bluetooth 5.0 adapters based on RTL8761B chipset? I see the bluez firmware has been updated. Thanks!
  2. Is there any update on getting the rtl8761b driver working on Unraid? The chipset has been out for a really long time at this point and is pretty ubiquitous.
  3. I've tried this multiple times, even rebooting in between, and its still not creating the shim network
  4. Did you ever figure out a solution to this? I have the same issue where the shim network isn't getting created.
  5. Yeah I ended up implementing S1dney's workaround. I disabled all my dockers except for pihole and it was still writing over a 2.5gigs an hour. Really would like to see the devs address this one.
  6. I may have to give your work around a shot. I've been using iotop to watch things and found the official PMS Plex docker was causing a lot of writes. I move the the linuxserver docker to see if that helps, but something was still causing loop2 to write a bunch. PMS just made it a lot worse. My plex DB isnt even on my cache disks, its on a separate SSD via unassigned drives. I have running a XFS array with a BTRFS cache pool and it unencrypted, so the issue isnt isolated to encrypted pools strangely.
  7. Has anyone found a proper solution to this or heard from the devs? My 1 month old 500GB 860 evos have 22TB of writes and Im not using encryption with btrfs.