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  1. Yeah that's basically the only thing I could do too. I had to start from scratch. Unfortunately there was no way to fix it from the state it was in. Despite what Skois says this wasn't some letsencrypt or 'overwritehost' => '' issue. Unfortunately I did find the logs the message was referencing but it didn't have any information. The logs were acting like the server was running normally. No errors what so ever. It looks like your strategy is the best we can do so far. I appreciate the response!
  2. I tell you what when I have time I will investigate this and find out what is going on. I might have to source some Nextcloud forums to figure this out. Clearly they don't want to help us out here because we are entitled according to skois. Once I figure this out I will do a technical write up on what I did to resolve this problem.
  3. THANK YOU. Finally someone who has answered my questions! P.S. I didn't just ask help now. It's been three weeks of downtime. At the time I needed an important file for a job I was applying to and after a docker update it just stopped working. Hence my sense of urgency. I've managed to recover the file due to someone else's assistance. But you have to empathize with me that I have been asking the same question over and over again and being told to provide the things I keep asking how to do. You would be angry too if you asked "How do you get the logs" and the response is "Please pr
  4. You did not ask me what database is running or if it is running at all. You asked me if it is "running correctly". My interpretation of "running correctly" is that it is running but there is a problem with the functionality. I do not know how to answer that question because I am not a database administrator and I do not know how to TS databases. But if you are asking if it is running then the answer is yes it is running and I am using MariaDB. I am not having an "attitude" per se. I am simply trying to frame my response in such a way to convey my problem and establish what I do know and don't
  5. All I did was update my Docker containers only to get stuck with this response: Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator if this error reappears multiple times, please include the technical details below in your report. More details can be found in the server log. I have no clue how to recover this. I have no idea where the "server log" is.
  6. Ok so IF Unraid DVB does not have a 6.8.3 build to install then I have to remain on the 6.8.2 build?
  7. I'm confused. Yes the DVB was working before I did the 6.8.3 upgrade. I had already had the plugin installed. But right after I upgraded from 6.8.2 to 6.8.3 that's when plex stopped working.
  8. So it looks like I had to down grade from 6.8.3 back to 6.8.2 because there is no Unraid DVB driver for 6.8.3 if I am understanding correctly.
  9. Yes lol sorry I edited my post again. You didn't see my response. I will post new post from now on.
  10. I just did. Ok after noticing the output I removed the extra parameter = --device=/dev/dvb/ and now the container works. But now I no longer have DVB funtions which is what I use plex for.
  11. Hello I am having issues with my Plex Docker container. I am getting an "Execution Error" and the log are blank. I am stumped as to what is going on here. Per advice of above post here is the run command: oot@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='plex' --net='host' -e TZ="America/New_York" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'VERSION'='docker' -e 'NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES'='' -e 'TCP_PORT_32400'='32400' -e 'TCP_PORT_3005'='3005' -e 'TCP_PORT_8324'='8324' -e 'TCP_PORT_32469'='32469' -e 'UDP_PORT_1900'='1900' -e 'UDP_PORT_32410'='32410' -e 'UDP
  12. So I checked the time and it is correct. The error logs show this [2020-03-19 17:27:37][error][ERROR] Registration not allowed or user already exists. Problem is I created the user in the admin panel and it sends out an email prompting the user to create an account. How can the user create an account that I already created? I cannot create a password for them in the admin panel. The only way around this was to temporarily allow the user to create their own account in the admin panel and then disable that when I know they've created the account. When I first launched this container I didn't hav
  13. I have two problems. First I am not able to have a new user created. When I invite the user they get a link in the email. When they click "create account" I get a response saying "you logon session has expired" and it will not allow them to create an account. Second problem is that any changed I make under settings>options they don't stick. They revert back to the way they were before.
  14. Thank you for the response. I ended up reinstalling the container. Fortunately I didn't loose my database information. What I am really trying to do is hide the admin panel. If you go to you can see there is no admin panel. At the very least I would like to make my admin panel more secure than just an "authentication key". Hopefully a username and password. Or at least hide the admin page. Can any of that be done?
  15. I need help. I added an "extra parameter" to my bitwarden_rs image and applied it and now my docker image is "orphaned". How can I remove that parameter and recover my bitwarden?