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  1. Quick update and thanks to everyone who replied. Since everything possibly connecting to UnRaid was shut down, I figured it must have been UnRaid itself. I did some checking / tinkering with UnRaid's Network Settings and disabled both Bonding and Bridging. I think both of these settings were enabled by default after install as I kept most settings as they were. I only have 1 network adapter on this machine, so figured it was not necessary. After disabling both Bonding and Bridging settings, Inbound went down to 19 Kbps and Outbout to 4 Kbps. I'm assuming these non zero values could be attributed to Web UI being opened - pl. correct me if I'm wrong here and if Inbound & Outbound should be zero or close to it. Posting my Network Settings below for reference - pl. let me know if anything else should be changed / optimized. I'm using MELLANOX CONNECT X-2 PCI-E 10G SFP+ network card.
  2. Just ran this through to the webui terminal, below is the result. is my local machine that was used to login and run the cmd on UnRaid.
  3. Thanks, useful to know how to read that. That was my PLEX VM which runs on another machine. I just shut down PLEX and all other machines that connected to UnRaid but problem still remains, constant Inbound 17.6 Mbps. What else can I try?
  4. Including Diagnostics.zip tower-diagnostics-20200105-1741.zip
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. Just rebooted in Safe Mode without any plugins - same problem, instantly showing 17.6 Mbps Inbound.
  6. Seeing very high, unexplained inbound network traffic, eth0 shows constant inbound 17.6 Mbps and outbound ~7 Kbps. CPU usage is always 2-3%. I have no VMs, no Dockers, all disks are spun down, Active Streams shows empty, I'm the only user, server is idle 99% of the time. Running latest version of UnRaid, all plugins / apps have been updated. Log shows no errors. I'm also running a Network Stats plugin which shows network usage over time, and every hour the machine is receiving exactly 7.35 GB. Why? This is so weird.. See screenshot: So this has me worried about what's happening, the machine should be completely idle. Please help me understand what's going on and how to resolve this. Thanks!
  7. Just added the file. Now the error is no longer spamming the log. Thanks again!
  8. @Squid Thanks for sharing, I will go ahead and try that. But it seems like only a way to silence the error and not resolve it. It just stops it from appearing logs. I would love to resolve it to have a fully stable system.
  9. Thanks for sharing. I was considering AMD until I realized that most motherboards have PCI lane limitations and I wanted more flexibility for upgrades and went with Intel instead, settled on Pentium G5400. Without PCI cards & HDD's entire system consumes ~21W on idle with a 500W Bronze rated PSU, also using full featured SLI motherboard + 16GB RAM. Curious what power draw you're seeing from 200GE. It was one of the CPU's I was considering.
  10. Getting the following error every second in the log: ACPI group thermal_zone / action LNXTHERM:00 is not defined Thought it had to do with Dynamix Temp & System Fan plugins, so I installed those, but this is still happening. Any input on how to resolve would be much appreciated. Specs: UnRaid 6.6.7, CPU G5400, Motherboard Gigabyte Z370XP SLI, 16 GB RAM
  11. Just curious, why does parity take so long to calculate for an empty drive? In a new build, added 2 identical drives, one as parity other as single disk array, both are freshly formatted new drives. Just trying to understand how things work.
  12. Oh I didn't know that, thanks for mentioning. I do have a 10Gbe nic installed and a bunch of SSD's laying around so this could be interesting.
  13. Been doing some reading on how UnRaid handles cache drives. When using VMs & Dockers benefit is quite obvious, both benefit greatly in speed when running from SSD / NVME. But without VM & Docker usage I'm starting to question utility of adding SSD cache drive. So far here's what I've gathered: - Write speed will be increased - OK - UnRaid does not seem to do read caching, so no benefit there - Power savings from writing to SSD throughout the day, then spinning up HDDs nightly for mover script Is there anything else I've missed?
  14. I'm facing a similar dilemma whether to go with Pentium G5400 / G4560 or Ryzen 3 2200G - wondering what you ended up choosing? Or if anyone could share if there are any issues still with Ryzen chips ?
  15. Thinking to go with Pentium G4560 or G4600 which performs about 35% better then the Celeron. These are kinda hard to find though at the moment.