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  1. Try to add this to your script under "# Add extra commands or filters" and restart your server Command2="--rc-addr"
  2. Hello again Just wondering if there is a "easier" way if I already have a shared folder in unraid with about 4000 folders except for copying them into the "\mount_mergerfs\gdrive_media_vfs" folder to make it upload them to gdrive?
  3. Hello, just wanna say super script but I can't get mergerfs to install, any help is appreciated Everything else seem to work perfectly. Unraid: 6.9.2 31.05.2021 11:51:29 INFO: Creating local folders. 31.05.2021 11:51:29 INFO: Creating MergerFS folders. 31.05.2021 11:51:29 INFO: *** Starting mount of remote gdrive_media_vfs 31.05.2021 11:51:29 INFO: Checking if this script is already running. 31.05.2021 11:51:29 INFO: Script not running - proceeding. 31.05.2021 11:51:29 INFO: *** Checking if online 31.05.2021 11:51:31 PASSED: *** Internet online 31.05.2021 11
  4. server-diagnostics-20210326-2259.zip Hello I got a strange problem, started today after working superb for like 6 months. After I mount my seedbox I can enter and see all the content from the share but when I go into my dockers editor I can't see the "files" folder, I can manually add it to the path and then see the content inside but none of the dockers can access it. I have tried to fix permissions, moved the share to cache and back to user share but nothing works, any help would be much appreciated edit- Fixed