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  1. You *should* be able to adjust the power targets in most newer bios revisions of b450/x470 or newer boards. To controll Voltage and stepping behavior, maybe look into the "unraid first gen ryzen not boosting" solutions. There where User Scripts templates that you could populate with values specific to your CPU. Values where in HEX and someone made an Excel sheet to find all the right values. It should be googleable, if not - hit me up and I might have some old files on my PC. Good luck!
  2. Yes, same. I understand that you have to feed your Firebase credentials manually via .env variable since I got API-Key errors in the browser console. Couldn't be bothered though and used the version on the homepage without the benefits of privacy ...
  3. Is there any news on this topic? I am still experiencing this behavior after upgrading to a Vega 10 card from a rx580. It's exactly as described by OP. Since anybody was able to improve the situation, please let us know!