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  1. Anyone here use a QuickSync / Quick Sync box with their Unraid as a cheap way to increase the number of transcodes? I've asked before, but wanted to check back in. If so, I have a few specific questions for managing the QS box.
  2. Think I'm in the same place as you. I am running 11.2.1 - updated today to 11.4 and now I'm in a boot loop. In 11.2 I had adjusted my cores, RAM, and some light edits to allow the iMessage service to work. Believe this was the config.plist. It took me a while to get everything up and running the first time for Big Sur. Now I get a bootloop (but can still boot the old image). I'm new to Hackintosh. Can you give me some more basic steps and info about this new Penryn patch and what else I would need to do to allow the upgrade to be successful? Thanks!
  3. Does "At Stopping of Array" mean it executes once the array has stopped, immediately prior to the array stopping, or does it happen simultaneously with the array stopping? Trying to figure out how to have a command execute right before the array is stopped or at least simultaneously.
  4. Ok so you aren't actually mounting anything. Thanks for clarifying. I'll update here if I ever figure out how to mount the mergerfs folder on another linux box. Or if anyone else knows how, let me know!
  5. How do you mount the tower/mergerfs folder on your non-unraid machine? I use autoFS to get the local unraid drives to mount on my separate machine, but the tower/mergerfs folder just loads in blank. I suspect I need to use some different mounting commands but everything I've tried has failed. Mind describing what you do and sharing your command?
  6. And no issues mounting the mergerfs folder instead of mounting everything natively? I guess I should experiment with this as well
  7. And your emby software is being run on a physically separated device and you mount tower/mergerfs there or something? Do you just use AutoFS for this?
  8. Quick follow up here - everything is running well on my end. I have my plex box mount my unraid shares using autoFS and then mount the gdrive shares direct from the cloud using rclone which I run as a service. For your setup, when you say "point to unraid shares" how are you mounting the shares physically located on unraid as well as the gdrive shares that you have mounted on unraid. For the latter, are you mounting a copy of a mounted cloud drive? Sorry if that's confusing but I realized that instead of dismissing what you've done I'd like to know exactly what it is.
  9. I'm having this exact same problem, and changing the timeout from the default 90 to 180 did nothing. Recheck started. Anyone offer some tips on where I might need to look to solve this?
  10. Look for a cheap laptop or desktop/thin client that has an intel 7th+ gen chip in it. I bought an older HP Prodesk. Install linux, Plex, mount unraid and cloud drives
  11. My setup is a combination of local + cloud storage using this setup. I'm using Unraid as an OS. Recently, I've encountered some issues with my CPU maxing out due to my Unraid use + the number of transcodes I have. Instead of upgrading the chips or adding a graphics card, I chose the less expensive solution of grabbing a dedicated plex box for transcoding using Quick Sync. The main reason for the decision was the setup was far cheaper ($80) and the overall power usage is low, so total cost is significantly lower. Also allows you to run other things on this box if you choose. Box has Ubuntu with Plex on bare metal. I mounted my local unraid drives and mounted the gdrives. I haven't maxed out my transcodes yet but looks like the box can likely support 15+ (although I would bet probably 20+). I'm only allowing transcodes on 1080p content. For people who are using a similar setup to me, I think this is a good solution. Just wanted to let everyone know this is an option!
  12. Using the current set of scripts, what factors effect the load time for files from gdrive?
  13. I have a separate box (Ubuntu) so I can use quicksync to transcode. I currently have the unraid drives mounted using AutoFS. I'm asking about directly mounting the gdrive to the quicksync box. The scripts here are still needed on the unraid box for sonarr, radarr, and uploading files to the cloud (etc). It seems like you're suggesting something that would be like mount gdrive on unraid, and mount the mounted drive on qs box. Why would I do that instead of mount the gdrive directly on the QS box?