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  1. the files in question which you listed in your second quote bubble are not set to allow global modifying, so if the user modifying them is not the owner or of the same group, they cannot. if you were to chmod that directory recursively with 777 it would allow global write permissions. ( from the console for the docker: chmod +R 777 /config/mineos/games/servers/[NAMESERVER]/plugins/Skript ) this is not a permanent fix...the closest thing i was able to find personally was to separate mineos files to their own share in unraid, and modify unraid's samba config for that new share to add "force user = root", "force group = root", and "create mask = 777" to /etc/samba/smb-shares.conf, then restart samba. this makes every new file you add automatically be owned by root and have full permissions. obviously this is not perfect and not advised, however it was the only thing that worked relatively well for me. additionally, these changes would go away every time the unraid server restarts as the smb-share.conf file i edited gets reset every boot.
  2. I had previously used the MineOS docker from Clowrym and only switched to binhex's when i was having some instability and performance issues with Clowrym 's and realized it had not been updated in almost 2 years. since i posted that on the 17th of last month i have switched back to Clowrym's MineOS docker and have had no issues with it whatsoever (other than some shenanigans getting my minecraft servers transferred). I honestly was not able to figure out why it was taking so long to start and why it would suddenly lose the ability to have a webui. also being able to download PaperMC directly from MineOS again is nice
  3. I just tried moving the entire "games" directory inside a new folder so it was in a different location. the docker is still taking a very long time to boot. last time I rebooted it (about 20 minutes ago) it never actually fully booted into a working webui. it finished booting but i was never able to get to the login page at all, just showed "unable to connect".
  4. anybody else have an issue where the docker takes almost 20 minutes to finish loading so i can access the webui? The log will stay at this screen for 17-18 minutes or so before finishing booting, and any time i need to restart the docker it does the same thing. Eventually it finishes booting and the log looks like this (note the timestamps to see the delay):
  5. I haven't had any issues manually dropping a new jar in my server folder and selecting it in MineOS. Make sure you dropped the paperclip.jar into the correct folder ( /config/mineos/games/servers/NAMEOFSERVER/paperclip.jar ) If it is in the right place but not showing up, I would recommend launching the console for the docker (click the mineos docker icon in unraid and select console) and run chmod -R 777 /config this will probably take about 30 seconds to complete. once it's finished, restart the docker and see if the file you dropped into the server folder will show up.
  6. I can't help with the issue of the docker taking a long time to start the webui and then a long time to load the server list, but i had a lot of server performance issues with spigot in the past and they mostly went away when i switched to paper. might be good to look into it.
  7. Is PaperMC no longer available from the profiles download page in the webui? EDIT: this appears to be an issue with where papermc hosts their files:
  8. I might recommend setting the JAVA_VERSION variable in the unraid docker config to "latest" (no quotes). this will set it to default your servers to java 17 (for now, though if it gets updated past this it should follow suit). If you don't have this variable in the docker config page, you should be able to add it manually: If you need a server to use version 8 or 11, then set it manually in the server.config file for that server.
  9. I just updated the docker and experienced this upgrade... I've got 4 servers running 1.16.5 paper, 1 server running 21w14a (last 1.17 beta before mojang stripped out the world gen), and 1 server running 1.17.1 paper. the 1.17 and 21w14a servers have no issue running on java version 17 (i specified in the server.config that they use java 17). the 1.16.5 servers will not start with java 17. not sure if I'm doing something wrong but they were working fine on java 16. i set them to use java 8 for now, since java 16 was replaced with java 17 in the docker also...the JAVA_VERSION variable in the docker config doesn't recognize java version 17 as the default...when i had 16 in there the log said it didn't recognize it and instead set it to "latest". when i emptied the variable, it defaults to java 8
  10. are you able to access the webui? or is your issue that a minecraft server isn't working?
  11. minecraft isn't particularly multi-threaded for CPU; all 8 cores aren't going to be utilized for 1 server. I'd probably uncheck all the CPU cores and just let unraid schedule core usage as it sees fit rather than assigning that many cores to it. that sounds like a lot of mods for 1 minecraft server to be running. more RAM might help but hard to say.
  12. Does anyone else have the same issue i have where any time i download a new version of paper or any time i add a new plugin or add any new files in the appdata folder for mineos, i can't access the webui anymore until i chmod -R 777 the config directory and reboot the docker? I'm basically wondering if i backup all my servers and torch all traces of the docker and start again...will it fix the issue or are other people experiencing the same thing?
  13. Keep in mind that Minecraft 1.17+ requires Java version 16 or newer:
  14. I was going to create a new vdisk for the new VM. I don't tend to re-use vdisks.
  15. Microsoft's utility only goes Legacy -> UEFI, it does not go the other way. I will need to create a new VM then. Thank you for the info. I will back up my data and start from scratch.