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  1. No it where two containers from binhex i know should be there (nzbget and radarr). In the meantime some updates happend to unraid and it's working again like it should at my end. Thanx for your time.
  2. Hi, Noticed the following things: DHCP doesnt get fetch automatic, after update set itself to 219.254.xxx.xxx; solved it by setting it to a static one. Tried to revert back to automatic but it reverts back to the 219.254.xxx.xxx adress and not the one it should get from my router (PFSense) Login form keeps spinning when i press login; after a few seconds i press login again then i get the webgui. Array notification like described above. When i want to save a file to a share from chrome it keeps refreshing or something. You can't save for á second than it is oke for 3 seconds and then the 1 second kicks back in again. Never had this before. Some python warnings; general protection fault and segfault Here is my diagnostics file: optimus-diagnostics-20191025-1121.zip
  3. Hi, I Updated to the latest unraid version (6.7.2), and noticed that i no longer see the dockers that are no longer in use. Can push the button select all and then the delete all button gets highlighted, but can't see the dockers, so no manual selection possible lik before. greetings, beloeke