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  1. Thanks Unraid for the interview, and especially thanks @SpaceInvaderOne for all you've contributed to the community! Without you I doubt I would have ever been able to get my own home server running let alone built or even considered in the first place. I've watched so many of your videos and they are all truly helpful. Please don't ever stop making them! 😊
  2. Great! Now if I only knew 'how' to create a .conf file in /etc with root privileges... Lol. Pop OS is based on Ubuntu, and Manjaro on Arch. I think the terminal commands seem to work slightly different depending on the distro you use... I'd love to try this though. Thanks for the reply. edit: holy eff, it worked. THANK YOU.
  3. It doesn't sound like your issue is exactly the same as mine OP. Video with mine 'can' work, if audio is disabled... Sounds like we're in a 'similar' boat though.
  4. Hey guys, I've seen plenty of fixes for so-called 'demonic audio' for windows VM's, but virtually nothing about linux ones. Anyone have a Linux VM equivalent of the MSI utils trick?? I've encountered this problem with both Pop! OS, and Manjaro in their most recent versions with my GPU pass through. I've never had a problem in windows VM with any of this before, so Spaceinvader One's fixes don't seem to apply for me. I'm sick of using windows 10 as an HTPC VM (my server is in a case under my TV), and wanted to make the jump to Linux instead. The first problem I ran into was the obvious, no drivers for my Creative Soundblaster Z sound card, so enter the GPU's HDMI audio. I'm using an OVMF bios with Q35 chipset, and a virtual hdd on the array for the linux VM. It's fully updated... The latest Nvidia proprietary drivers are installed in either case. Pulse is the audio control panel for both. The problem short of video recording it, is when the GPU is enabled, audio repeats itself a hundred times achieving a fraction of an FPS, and same with video. Video feeds with the GPU audio disabled seem to be fine. A severe stuttering that I can't seem to fix... Maybe there's something in /etc I can modify? 🙄
  5. Bump. I have this problem now too, after my previous Windows 10 VM decided to self-destruct randomly one day. Made a new one, set it up once with VNC, then shut it down to edit it via a web browser to include a GPU and sound card pass through. Suffice it to say, editing it, it shits the bed. Any browser, refreshing, etc. Bueller? Any words on this yet?
  6. @Micaiah12 did you have any post-install/fix issues? Did you ever try any different settings? I'm having issues with my RX 480 right now with 6.6.6 that sound/look a whole lot like what you had. I'd be curious to compare notes.