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  1. I have a small question regarding the --bwlimit. I have a two scripts that run every hour to copy files from a remote server to local server. I use the bwlimit command and this works sometimes. When there is a lot of data to copy, it ends up saturating my bandwidth making browsing and other online activities slow. What I think is happening is that the --bwlimit is applying to each script and not globally. For instance at hour 0 th script starts and bandwidth limit is set to 4M. If this is still running at hour 1, then a new session is created with bwlimit at 4M for a to
  2. On further investigation, it is rclone setting the user and group ids, not filebot. Will have to try and fix it there.
  3. Thanks for that Djoss, everything is working on that side. Another little issue has popped up though. Any file moved by Filebot has been giving ownership and group root root instead of users and I am unable to manipulate the file through windows shares. Do you know how I would fix that both retrospective and prospective? Thanks once again
  4. Now on to something more fancy! I tried running a script that was essentially: rclone move ftp to local & docker exec filebot. Although it did work, the filebot script ran first or they both ran at the same time. Is there a way to make the filebot script wait for rclone to finish? Thanks again, I owe you a beer Djoss!
  5. Thank you very much, works perfectly
  6. Thanks for the great docker. I am pretty new to unraid and everything is very foreign. I have everything installed including the license and the gui portion of the program works however I do not fully understand how to run the command line side of filebot. This is the script that I want to run: filebot -script fn:amc --action move -non-strict "/storage/media/plex data/downloadtemp/media/" --conflict skip -non-strict --log-file amc.log --def movieFormat="/storage/media/movies/{ny}/{ny}" --def seriesFormat="/storage/media/tv/{n}/{'Season '+s}/{n} - {s00e00} - {t}" --def unsorte