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  1. So I had some free time and decided to use 2 sonarr instances to handle my media. All went well except one minor issue. When SoanrrA sends "something" to deluge, that "something" shows up in SonarrB under Activity > Queue. With status "In progress". Seems that deluge sends some info back to both SonarrA and SonarrB. Anyone had this issue ?
  2. Hello, I have a question. Is it enough to join a pool for the generated plots to be portable or do I need to do more ? Thanks !
  3. First of all, because this is my first comment, nice work ! I really like what you did here. And the question: is there a safe way at this time to update / restart the container without losing in progress plots?
  4. These are the results with the xbox driver selected: tower-diagnostics-20210321-1815.zip lspci-dvbdriveplugin-xbox.txt Only if it s easy to do and you have the time / or if you want to get to the bottom of the mistery
  5. The tunners are not new & the power for them comes from a molex to 2 fdd splitter. I scoured the digital-devices website for the models I have. The octopus is a Octopus PCIe Bridge V2 and the extensions are DuoFlex CT cards (not sure is v1 or v2) . I did not change anything on the cards myself. After alot of tests today this is the status: on all driver options except the "digital devices" one (so librelec, tbs and xbox ) all 4 tuners show up in the plugin ( as ddbridge | 0.9.33-integrated ). Tvheadend sees them and it finds services when it scans the muxes (this goes slowly and with a lot of fail results but at this time almost all the channels I need are found). I m now suspecting that the 0.9.38 driver does not like my cards. Are there any resources that you can point me at about where I can learn to create a package with another driver version ( 0.9.37 ). The link I posted earlier does not work as unraid does not have apt-get or yum etc.
  6. I just did that a few minutes ago /dev/dvb does not exist even if I run modprobe ddbridge manually. http://support.digital-devices.eu/index.php?article=152 Is this how the plugin adds the digital devices drivers ? I m thinking to do this and see if I get any errors in the process.
  7. Yes, sorry for not making that clearer. The card that I am using is internal and sits in a pci slot. I think it s an older version of something like https://dvbshop.net/Digital-Devices-Octopus-PCIe-Bridge-Classic-V3_1 . Mine also has 4 "inputs". And connected to it i have two duoflex ct cards. The older version of these https://digitaldevices.de/produkte/dvb-komponenten/duoflex-c2t2/ .
  8. The server is 1500 km away and I have completly access to it via ipmi but no physical access. If I cannot resolve the issues like with software I will just ask a friend that has access to it to put the old card back.
  9. Thanks for answering so fast ! I enabled digital devices drivers in the plugin then rebooted. Here is the information you asked for : lspcivv.txt tower-diagnostics-20210320-2228.zip ls /dev/dvb complains about the folder not existing. And the plugin page looks like this : When I switch to librelec and reboot : Let me know if you need anything else.
  10. Hello and thank you in advance, I just replaced my tunner from a single digital devices ct to a digital devices octopus that has 2 ci extensions attached (4 tunners total). The problem I am facing is that with the digital devices drivers my tunners do not show up in the plugin interface, however when I switch to librelec I can see all of them. Should this happen ? I m pretty sure that the old tunner worked with the "digital devices" driver. When I create the dvc network and the muxes are being scanned (livrelec drivers), the scanning process stops at some point with "2021-03-20 22:59:28.505 [ INFO] mpegts: 522MHz in DVB-C Network - scan no data, failed 2021-03-20 22:59:28.505 [ INFO] subscription: 0065: "scan" unsubscribing". At this point some services are found and are working. Let me know if you have any thoughts for me!
  11. Found this in the logs while the container was working, maybe it s nothing but I ll put them here anyway : /opt/scripts/start-server.sh: line 235: [: 0.8.4: integer expression expected ---One or more Stock Unraid v6.8.3 files not found, downloading...--- ---Latest version for ZFS: v0.8.4--- /opt/scripts/start-server.sh: line 235: [: 0.8.4: integer expression expected ---One or more Stock Unraid v6.8.3 files not found, downloading...--- ---Successfully downloaded Stock Unraid v6.8.3--- Other than that is looks good. I only have a gpu in my test server, no tunner cards.
  12. Hello, a VM begginer question. Is it still possible to passtrough the gpu to a VM with this build ? I passed the gpu to a plex container and the transcode works like a charm but I m getting an error when I try to passtrough the gpu to a VM. I m wondering if it s the build or another issue that I need to look into (probably the latter ...)
  13. Hello, I m struggling with the topic in the title. Some introduction. The device I m trying to passtrough is alone in IOMMU group 14 : IOMMU group 13: [8086:10d3] 02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82574L Gigabit Network Connection IOMMU group 14: [dd01:0003] 03:00.0 Multimedia controller: Digital Devices GmbH Octopus DVB Adapter IOMMU group 15: [8086:2c70] ff:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Xeon 5600 Series QuickPath Architecture Generic Non-core Registers (rev 02) I am trying to acomplish it by editing the vm xml file and adding <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='pci' managed='yes'> <driver name='vfio'/> <source> <address domain='0x0000' bus='0x03' slot='0x00' function='0x0'/> </source> </hostdev> After I edit the xml the tuner can be selected from the Other PCI section of the VM template . However I m getting an error message when I try to start the VM : internal error: qemu unexpectedly closed the monitor: 2020-05-22T14:46:15.167972Z qemu-system-x86_64: -device vfio-pci,host=0000:03:00.0,id=hostdev0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x6: vfio 0000:03:00.0: failed to setup container for group 14: Failed to set iommu for container: Operation not permitted I've only used dockers so far, they provide anything I need so I have no experience in working and troubleshooting VMs so it would be great if somebody can provide some help!
  14. thanks for your answer it is for personal usage but adding user password to the generated url doesn t work either eg : https://user:[email protected]:443/stream/channelid/42343218?profile=pass
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