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  1. Ok when i tried the port on its own it wouldnt update the speed even on forced. But once i disabled LACP on the switch and force the speed it updated but then reported the interface went down, then the ported was disabled by unraid. Maybe the switch doesnt like the LACP setup on unraid or my port is some how messed up on the NIC.
  2. I'm about to go purchase another set of cables i am using CAT7 cables. Yea im didnt even think just to try one port and see if the speed will change. I havent tried to not apply LACP on 6.8.1. Will try both suggestions.
  3. updated without issues, no far so good. Thank you guys for all the hard work.
  4. I recently purchased a new new 2 port nic for my server (Intel 82546GB). I disabled the on board nic and switched the macs to reflect the change. Then i tried to setup bonding with 802.3ad, i rebooted the server, rebooted the switch and the speed on port eth1 always stays at 100 Mbps. I've tried to force the 1 Gigabit speed on the switch but no luck. What i see in the logs is the speed changes to 1000 Mbps back to 100 Mbps. I know my switch supports 802.3ad i've this feature on my QNAP before. I've tried changing the Ethernet cables. Tried to switch to other bonding modes but still no luck. I have attached my diagnostic file. Not sure if anyone needs any other information but my switch model is Meraki MS120-8LP. I've set port 2 and 3 as the aggregate ports, port 2 shows no issues but port 3 has the following message. here is what i see in the logs Not sure what I am doing wrong, did i miss something? is there know problem with the NIC i have ? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you xenon-nas-diagnostics-20200113-2133.zip
  5. I only have one issue after upgrading to 6.8 with the Enhanced System Log plugin when I open it in Chrome the tab freezes and is unresponsive until its closed. The same page works fine in Firefox and MS Edge with no issue. I have tried to clear cookies and tried incognito mode in Chrome with no luck. As for the System Log page it opens fine in Chrome.
  6. Hey did you ever get the script to work or any other way to block youtube-ads on pihole?
  7. sweeet!! html login page!! WireGuard support!!! thank you gent :)