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  1. thank you for all the great improvements
  2. Hey @GuildDarts would it be possible to add a "Expand all" and "Hide all" button on the docker page for all the folders? side note the advanced context menu is fuckin sweeeeet! thank you @hernandito and @GuildDarts
  3. fuckin right the new hover feature and larger bold folder names is beautiful touch 👍👍
  4. One of the folders disappeared so I tried to create a another folder with the same name but that messed up my whole config because all my folders arent showing up. When I try to add a new folder I get this error Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/docker.folder/include/import-export.php on line 10 forgot to export my last config but hey that's my own fault .. so i found a bkup of the folder config file and noticed the error in my new config, removed the messed folder and all my settings came back ok. all good now
  5. fuckin right just when I thought how could this plugin get any better. Love the new preview feature!! The new style is also very nice and clean on the eyes. Thank you!
  6. yea thats true the small screen would be a bit of a pain but hey doesnt hurt to ask lol. bring on good news also thank you for all the great work you've done with the app!
  7. im sure its a ton a work, very grateful for all the dev hours put in
  8. any status on beta2? or rc? been a while since any new release info has come out, not complaining running 6.8.3 without any issues.
  9. any chance allowing to edit docker containers from within the Android app ? or display docker/plugin update notifications ?
  10. both options working great... the simple things. ty @dorgan and good call on both options @remati
  11. Thank you! After the update the formatting has been fixed. I do have a question when I do click the media file title in the plex stream tab it opens the following window...is mine not working correctly or is this still in dev just curious lol
  12. The formatting on the dashboard seems off for some reason
  13. new updates works great so far. definitely like the status update! keep up good work man!
  14. Yea if you need some more logs let me know. and thanks again
  15. Successfully updated to latest version without issue!