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  1. I did not change permissions or settings. As a matter of fact, I think the permission issue started after I installed the Ransomware protection plugin. If that is the case, what should I do? Yes, I can edit the files using mc.
  2. I can't delete/edit any file, either downloaded or old existing files in the cache drive. I cant even edit settings.json in the appdata folder. Attached is the diagnostics. tower-diagnostics-20170214-1659.zip
  3. Hello, All of the sudden I cannot modify anything in my cache drive due to permissions. I already ran the Docker Safe New Perms and it did'nt fix it. Enclosed is a picture of the dockers installed, since I suspect one of them is causing the issue. Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. Up and running. Went to flash/config and deleted the docker.cfg manually. Rebooted unraid, created a new image and it is running now. I am adding back my old containers now. Thank you all for your help.
  5. On docker.cfg, see this line DOCKER_APP_UNRAID_PATH="" Is it missing the path? see screenshot
  6. Did the first two steps, but when I try to delete the image, there is no check mark where is supposed to be to delete the image. See the screenshot
  7. First of all, apologies, I thought syslog would do. So I disabled docker, just disabled bcs the option to remove the image is gone now, shut down unraid, reset the cables, turned back on, enabled docker, still get Status: Stopped. Started parity and it is running. Tried to create docker.img in disk 4 and the result is the same. tower-diagnostics-20170206-1208.zip
  8. the thing is that it is doing parity now bcs of the manual shutdown. Should I stop parity?
  9. Hello, For some reason I cannot start docker after upgrade to 6.3. First, I tried to Reboot Unraid in order to upgrade, system kept unmounting disks forever, I had to manually shutdown Unraid. I got a syslog before shuting down, see attached. Fired back up unraid and now the "Docker" tab is there, but blank. I went to Settings/Docker stopped the docker, tried to start the docker, but it says Status: Stopped. I even deleted the image file, re-enabled docker, with same result. the log for docker shows: Feb 6 09:52:01 Tower root: no image mounted at /var/lib/docker Feb 6 09:52:01 Tower emhttp: shcmd (1312): umount /var/lib/docker |& logger Feb 6 09:52:01 Tower root: umount: /var/lib/docker: not mounted What should I do in order to get the docker started? I attached both syslogs, one before stopping and the other one after starting with the new version. I deleted some repetitive lines in order to bring down the size for attachment. Thanks in advance. syslog-2015-07-14.zip syslog-2017-01-06_6.3.zip
  10. IF it is TROUBLE, nevermind. I just did not like to see .Recycle.Bin on every disk. I have one disk destined for all daily write/delete of documents (dropbox and such), and I wanted to put it there. The rest of the disks "Archive" all my media. I do not like those other disks spinning up frequently for no reason. But like I said, nevermind if it is too much trouble. Thank you anyways.
  11. Quick question, Right now, the plugin creates a .Recycle.Bin folder in every disk. Is it possible to edit the smb-extra.conf and have it create the folder ONLY in ...say... disk 1. Something like: path = /mnt/disk3/.Recycle.Bin If possible, where would the "path" go? Thank you
  12. I think it should be container volume - /Movies, Path - /mnt/user/Movies/ instead of container volume - /Movies, Path - /mnt/user/Movies you are missing the "/" at the end on the path.
  13. See this post. Read from post #122 al the way down. I am on version 6.0.1 and have it working. Good luck http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=5446.msg363474#msg363474