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  1. Try the Torrent Address detection on
  2. Does Unraid use LUKS1 or LUKS2 for encrypted drives by default? Does Unraid support LUKS2 at all?
  3. you could either: Remove WebUI\Password_SHA1 from your config temporarily so you can log in without a password and set it again Get another clean qBittorent (Dektop, new container), generate a Password with it and copy WebUI\Password_PBKDF2 from its config. Not sure if you need to remove WebUI\Password_SHA1. Hash you password like qBittorrent does and insert it into your config
  4. From the official changelog: I'm not sure any future versions will include a "fix" for this.
  5. I think this could be related to your source IP when connecting throught the VPN. Have you made sure your IP subnet when connecting through ZeroTier is listed in the allowed LAN_Networks?
  6. Exploit code/POC is already available: