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  1. Thank you very much Johnie.black that solved it!!!! Sorry for the trouble, I didn't see this setting... Thank you again!!!
  2. Hello, I know that this thread is a bit old but I didn't want to create a new one. I have similar problem, doesn't even try to create a libvirt.img file and the path in Settings->VM-Manager-> is /mnt/user/system/libvirt/libvirt.img I cannot see anything in syslog when I enable or disable the VMs Can anyone help? Thank you in advance. I have attached the diagnostics files. cup-micronas-diagnostics-20190711-1118.zip
  3. As I said in the previous post It's always better to make a backup first before running any other fsck command because in my case some files were altered after the rebuild-tree. anyway good luck, Hope not to have too many files to transfer, and after the backup, see what reiserfsck recommends (probably --rebuild-tree) and keep an eye on this hard disk. maybe a long smart test or something. I changed mine after a while because it got some reallocated sectors. Good luck, Nick
  4. Hello to everyone, I have unraid 4.7 pro Yesterday I followed the jumbered /unjumbered drive topic and decided to apply the 4k alignment to an AF drive... (I will referring to this disk as md1) So I followed the instructions, but after few hours of rebuilding the drive, I didn't have any access to unraid, not only the web-interface but also telnet and even local access through terminal. well sometimes I managed to connect locally but I had to type username and password 10 times or more... and on the 3rd or 4th command I used in the shell it kept loging me out... Anyway I could see that the disks were still working so I decided to leave it finish (the rebuilt) I could see the status of rebuild with the command: grep -a Resync /proc/mdcmd (when I was able to login) when it finished I tried to copy the syslog but I didn't manage to copy it complete. When I use the command cp /var/syslog "to somewhere" it return killed and logged me off again The only parts of the syslog I could save I put them in the attached file rebult_notlogin.txt As it seems from this file/syslog another Hard disk failed (md4) during the rebuild of md1. Now after a reboot the md1 disk have only some files(which I don't care because I have kept a backup of this disk before proceeding with the 4k alignment) and md4 on the main screen of unraid looks like unformatted. :( I just had a run of reiserfsck on md4 which you can see the result in the last syslog file syslog-2011-06-27 in the same file I get errors also in md1 disk the disk that failed (md4) also has 2 reallocated sectors (from SMART report) I would like to know what to do next... thank you, Nick rebuilt_notlogin.zip syslog-2011-06-27.zip
  5. I had a similar problem before. and that's why I am trying to help As it turned out it was a problem on the client computer (windows 7) because of a service not working. that is why I said just to try and see if the files can be deleted through terminal. Did the reiserfsck found any problems? Nick
  6. Have you tried deleting the files through the terminal?
  7. I just wanted to share the results The rebuild-tree finished, fixed all issues, But it altered some of my files... I keep MD5 for all of my files, so after the rebuilt-tree finished, I had around 10 files with different MD5 than the original... This wasn't big issue in my case because I did a backup of the harddisk before the reiserfsck command... So in conclusion I believe it's better to do a backup first before running reiserfsck with the rebuilt tree switch...
  8. Thank you for your fast response! I am running now reiserfsck --rebuild-tree... see what will happen... I already know about the spinning down issue with smartctl long test (I have run numerous tests with smartctl) and I had already disabled the spinning down of the disk I wanted to check. Anyway I don't think this is a big issue. Thank you again.
  9. I am using Unraid for over 2.5 years. Now I have Version 4.7 with 11 Hard disks 2TB and 1.5TB and 1 cache 2TB I am facing the following problem recently (last 2 months) and and not only once The problem starts when trying to copy something to a disk share sometimes stops writing and seems that the disk is in read only mode. then if I run reiserfsck --check seems that the problem is fixed. Today though is a different story. Again I couldn't write on one of my disks (WD20EVDS) I ran reiserfsck --check and found too many errors, then I ran reiserfsck --fix-fixable which fixed all errors but one I rerun reiserfsck --fix-fixable to make sure and the result is attached in file fsck-fix-fixable.txt Another thing I noticed is that I cannot run long smart test on this drive, always I got the message aborted by host (from the first seconds of the test) The question is shall I proceed to --rebuild-tree as fsck recommends or shall I do something else first... Thank you in Advance P.S. It's only 11 days since the last parity check. fsck-fix-fixable.txt syslog.txt smart-report.txt