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  1. If you want mine please PM me. I don't use it any more. It has the hard drives and also one spare as a potential swap out if one failed. I did have unraid on it but upgraded this to windows. You could easily stick unraid back on it again.
  2. For some reason I didn't get notified of your post. Just thought I'd check back for progress and saw it. Thanks. Will try this out when I get a chance
  3. I need to buy some new drives for my server. I'm thinking 3 x 2tb. Anybody recommend anything. I'm in the uk. I notice there are red, blue and green wd drives. Which is best?
  4. So the reds are the best to buy then? I'm just about to order some.
  5. Yes but I don't have an Android phone anymore. I used to have one and replaced it with an iPhone. I've stuck with the iPhone ever since. It's just personal preference but I find it easier to use and I also like the way it integrated with my Apple Tvs.
  6. For the money i think your better going for a 3tb drive.
  7. I'm no good with command line. Needs to be a GUI app. Anyone know of a free alternative to file explorer.
  8. It's up to you. It will always be a risk upgrading to A new version that either isnt out or is newly out. I've recently upgraded to 5 release candidate and the process was suprisingly easy. If you want 3TB you've got no choice really. I'm upgrading my drives in the very near future and I'm going to stick 3TB in all my slots and get rid of my old drives on eBay.
  9. Ideally I want to do this via my local network on my iPhone or iPad. I'm not great with command line. I need something similar to windows explorer (or something very easy to use) to rename or delete files. I don think my unraid server can be accessed by the outside world but I might be wrong on that. How would I find out and stop it if that is the case. I don't want a hacker getting in and deleting all my stuff.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Will have a check as to where I'm up to and report back. From memory I installed cups service ok. I struggled to get the ppd file. My printer isn't listed as an option on one of the methods. I did get it from the other and stuck it in the relevant place. I even managed to choose it an add a printer via the cups interface. However I didn't get anything to actually print out when I did the test page and also my iPhone could not see the printer.
  11. What type of issues should I watch out for?
  12. As per title. Once I've watched a rubbish movie I'd like to delete it without cracking open the laptop. Likewise my movie scraper doesn't recognise some file names so an easy way to rename them would be handy.
  13. It's my own fault. I upgraded to try and get AirPrint working. I failed on that miserably. I thought I'd downgrade to a stable version again but it looks like I might be better off staying where I am.