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  1. thanks for the reply, I will check on that next time I go to fiddle with it!
  2. maybe I should just get another quadro. reading up on error 43 shows either people have it working out of box or having to essentially write their own driver.
  3. Hello all! I am having an issue in UR 6.8.0 running Windows 10 1909 VMs with passthough, when I start up the VM, I receive no IOMMU errors, however the VM starts to a blank black screen and seems not to post or progress to running windows 10. Running non GPU VMs seem to work fine, and running an Ubuntu VM passing through a Quadro P2000 works fine for Plex. I am documenting this process to show troubleshooting steps and to inform others attempting to do the same thing. The goal of this VM is to stream games via moonlight or Nvidia Shield Troubleshooting