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  1. Hi team I've tried upgrading to 6.6.x a couple of times now with both times having random lock ups as if none of the AMD teams had been done. Both times were able to switch back to 6.5.7 without a problem.
  2. I have found my 1700 works fine with previous version of unraid. 6.5.x as soon as I upgrade to any of the 6.6.x I experience this problem. Still have not mound a fix except run older unraid
  3. I have tried 6.6.x a couple of times now when rc and now its stable and am getting random hangs. Using 6.5.x have had no problems after downgrading back to keep the family happy. Even had 60 day uptime on 6.5.x Ryzen 1700 32GB hyperx ROG hero motherboard These lockups seem to happen mainly when system is not under load and over night.