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  1. I'm having some big problems now. Running Unraid 6.7.0 Been running Binhex Plex for 6 months now without problem, and I usually update once there is an update. Haven't done any change now for a month. 2 Weeks ago this first problem began. Plex doesn't scan media folders anymore, I cant do it manually either, I have to restart the docker for it to rescan, then it works for maybe 2 days or less. Second problem is that now when I update the docker, it doesn't update. I know the other well known error that some dockers reports having updates all the time even though they are already
  2. Thank you. I was on vacation so I haven't had the time until now. I did all the above, but my supervisord.log shows nothing related to this. I restarted the container with debug=true, and it did work quite fine to add several torrents and also access the webui at the same time. But then after 30 minutes it was back to being unreachable as soon as it did anything else, such as having 1 torrent active. This has btw never worked before, restarting the container or force updating it have never made this work in the start, as it did now. So that was new. But I downloaded the log, and th
  3. I'm having huge problems that I have been trying to solve for 2 weeks now. Got some help in Discord from others but nothing we try seems to work. I have timouts all the time, rutorrent/rtorrent is completely unusable. As soon as I add 1 active torrent, I cant do anything. Not reach the webui, not add another torrent (through sonarr/radarr). And that download takes hours or days to complete. If no torrent is active the webui is still very slow and timeouts. We have tried customizing my rtorrent config file but nothing works so I went back to the original one. We tried to add memory option