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  1. @NeoJoris I unfortunately did not have backups on. Am I just recreating from scratch at this point?
  2. Hello. I'm having the same issue as others on here. Getting the EPIC FAIL issue with a corrupted database. My brother helped me build this server over 6 years ago and while I can do generic troubleshooting I don't know how to do certain things. Can someone provide me a step by step they did to get this resolved? I removed the docker and I checked to also remove image. Do I have to delete the app data folder as well before reinstalling? How do I rollback if I need to? I attached logs if needed. sonarr.txt
  3. I recently updated my Sonarr docker and when it restarted I could no longer connect to the web UI. I checked the logs and it said non-recoverable error at the bottom. The top says error creating database, disk image malformed. I attached the logs for Sonarr. Any help appreciated. Sonarr.txt
  4. Unraid notified me my docker image size is very large. When I looked my docker image is 21.5 GB. I'm not really sure what causes a docker image to grow that large. I've seen a few things about how to reduce your docker image but all of them state to try and figure out why it's that large. Can anyone help me figure out what I need to do to figure out the why and then reduce the docker image size?
  5. I have my set up based on spacedinvader's video to set up sonarr and radarr to use the VPN in the deluge docker via privoxy. I had it set up with openvpn but at some point that stopped working and I switched to wireguard. Edit: Just got Deluge web UI back. Had a typo in the LAN_NETWORK. It defaults to xxx.xxx.1.0/24 and mine needed to be xxx.xxx.0.0/24
  6. I recently updated to Unraid 6.9.1 and after reboot Sonarr and Radarr lost their connections to deluge and jackett. I tried to follow through the Q&A which resulted in me losing deluge web ui which had been accessible previously. I initially had them all running through the deluge VPN using PIA and openvpn. At some point that stopped working and I could only get it running again by switching to wireguard. My brother is usually the networking guy so I'm kind of flying blind at this point and I don't want to blow anything up further. I've attached the logs but I think I'm just not understanding the last few Q&A questions and how to correctly set up the privoxy and change the settings. DELUGE.txt SONARR.txt
  7. Thanks so much! I'll find some replacements when I can.
  8. Hi all, I got this error on my system and not sure what's going on. I attached my logs below. Any help would be appreciated dcmedia-diagnostics-20200415-1244.zip
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