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  1. So I haven't found the information in this post (Not saying it's not there, though. There's a lot of pages!) For some reason, the user name and password I put in for the initial setup isn't working, so I am effectively locked out of my controller. Am I able to delete the config folder or just stop it, uninstall it and reinstall it? Also, if I do that, wireless will still work, right? Seems like it would, but I'm just making sure. I'd be trying to do this on the wireless, and the last thing I need is ANOTHER D'oh moment. I have enough of those in a day. Version is 6.8.3,
  2. Well, the e5-2670 (v1 I'm assuming? You didn't mention it.) has 40 pcie lanes available, but I don't know how many actually are available to the pcie slots after the cpu takes some. Will you also be passing thru an SSD to each vm or were you just thinking of having them stay on the array?
  3. Oh yeah, the reason for this post. Because I can't keep my mouth shut about how much people need Unraid in their every day lives, no matter if it's corporate with their servers or a DIY NAS box to make backup super simple. Heck, I'd even buy a case badge!
  4. First off, great looking build. I would love specs, because I am planning a Threadripper build for my one box to rule them all setup. Waiting on 3rd gen TR to see if that will be worth it, or just grab a 2950. My plan sounds like yours, but mine feels like.. overkill? (Is there really such a thing if you're going to use it all in theory??) My plan is to have 1 Windows 10 VM with passthrough to nvme drive and some AMD card, 1 Linux VM with the same setup, MS Server installs and Linux servers that don't need a video card to perform well on a SSD, then about 5 10TB drives for storage,
  5. OK, question. OpenVPN docker vs pfsense vm and setting up openvpn there?
  6. Trying to find someone who has experience with that new board is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
  7. Valid point on the passthough. As far as the HDDs, explain a little about why 4 bigger drives would work better than the smaller drives? Something to do with the parity or the fact that they're 7200 rpm? Just interested. Thanks for the reply!
  8. First time poster, in absolute love with Unraid. For a test run, I threw it on my old Phenom x6 with 16 gb of ram and 5 2 tb drives. Been doing some testing, thinking I am going to add a cache drive to see if that helps network file transfers. I absolutely love it. Honestly, better than Freenas, better than openmediavault, and worth whatever I have to pay for the devices. I'm planning a new build and I can't do anything small time, so here is the build list I am working on. Fractal Design Define R6 Gunmetal Brushed Aluminum/Steel ATX Silent Modular Temp