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  1. been trying to troubleshoot my Ryzen 1700 build as well.. wish you luck. I'm gonna try the Power Supply Setting and hopefully get good results.
  2. Parity Check ran its course.. a few minutes later .. it started again and im not sure why Diagnostic immediately after 1st check.. i did not see unclean shutdown in log. Now im looking through new diagnostic to see what sparked parity check.. i cancelled as soon as i seen it start What should I be looking for now? Just noticed Fix Common Problems showing Machine Check Events detected on your server tower-diagnostics-20191204-2217 1st tower-diagnostics-20191204-2243 after random parity check
  3. I checked out your post before i uploaded and tried adding your recommended settings.. still trying to troubleshoot but this thing is giving be a headache... ;( .... Deleted 2 dockers (openVPN and DuckDNS) and updated OS to 6.8-rc8 from rc4. Just checked last reboot and no mention of unclean shutdown in the syslog. Performing parity check now and still getting sync errors.. will see what happens with next reboot
  4. Been spending way to much time trying to correct my setup on my own... lol. Ran through multiple tests and setups as suggested in forum posts. Hardware looks OK and my best guess is RAM issues so been trying best to troubleshoot but I'm far from techy. Server has random crashing after Parity checks. My sync errors corrected are now growing as I try to fix up stuff on my own but seems like I'm going in circles. Just now crashed during parity check. Latest Diagnostic att also att is directly from usb flash tower-diagnostics-2019
  5. THX... worked as advertised 😁i'm a novice hobbyist and appreciate the simplicity you bring to users like myself. I gave up on setting up a mac the last time around. Not really a Mac fan but trying to integrate it into my life and see how it goes since my family is all iphone and ipads. Now time to tinker around with adding more cores. VNC is acceptable as i'm just messing around with it for now. can't wait for the vid.. maybe this will become my "main PC" AMD 1700 build here
  6. Zotac GTX 1660 .... any suggestions on where i would edit my bios? was experimenting a lot but not making any progress. help appreciated.. TIA Zotac.GTX1660.6144.190227.rom
  7. New to the game and trying to pass a Zotac 1660. hope i can get it working soon. you at least reassured me that it can be done
  8. thx.. i got my Vega 64 to work relatively stable... i guess i'll search the used market for a NVDA card to replace my Nano and experiment from there.
  9. Novice here.. I've been trying multiple VM setups only to get stuck at boot.. I want to run Ubuntu on my R9 Nano as I'm already running Win10 on my 2nd card, a Vega 64... if you still got setup, I would appreciate any advice on setup you have that I may be missing.. TIA
  10. thx for the help guys .. not sure why my cache got corrupted while trying to create VMs but it did and I needed to recover data.. glad i didn't have to start from scratch
  11. Just getting into Unraid and figuring stuff out. This helped me out. Thanks