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  1. I didn't notice that I had both of my keys on the replacement USB drive when I requested a new key. After attempting to request a replacement key for the second drive I found that I have one usb drive with a valid key but blacklisted drive and one usb drive with a blacklisted key. For now I can run unraid on the flash drive with the blacklisted key but I would like to find out how to proceed to get a replacement key for the second new flash drive. Neither of my keys are now recognized as eligible to be replaced.
  2. I did follow the instructions and my old flash drive is now blacklisted and my new flash drive is not valid because I don't have the url to register it. I tried using a different email and it told me that the drive is already associated with a different email, tried with same email and it didn't work. How do I get a replacement email with the registration link for my new usb drive?
  3. I requested a replacement key and haven't received it yet. Do replacement key's also take 24 hrs to be sent?