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  1. That worked, thanks for the quick update!
  2. Thanks for updating to the latest version of FileBot. I'm trying to get the {hdr} to recognize Dolby Vision as that was one of the recent changes, but it's only recognizing normal HDR10 (and internally that is all it shows in Media Info). I believe it uses libmediainfo to pull and process this info, and looking in the usr/lib directory I see from Dec 2018. I believe this needs to be updated if true as it looks like Dolby Vision MKV support was only added in version 20.09 of libmediainfo if I'm reading the release notes correctly ("MKV: support of Dolby Vision metadata"). Although there are mentions of general Dolby Vision support prior to that as well. Can you update libmediainfo in the docker build to test? Maybe I'm missing some other detail that's preventing this tag from working.
  3. Just tested the update, everything works. Thank you!
  4. You can replicate it by using the GUI to try to rename and move a file. I use this for the more complicated matches, while amc handles the rest. Interesting detail when running the command you provided. On the "latest" version, which I'm guessing is v1.8.0, the command seems to execute successfully. However, running it on v1.9.0, I get the following error: # apk add java-openjfx fetch fetch ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints: java-openjfx (missing): required by: world[java-openjfx]
  5. I didn't actually test your update as I assumed it was an issue with the jre in this docker. So I just tested your update to 4.9.1 and I'm still seeing the same issue when trying to execute a move. The issue is referenced here: It looks like the javafx.concurrent.Task error is due to a missing dependency somewhere, and it looks like it recently surfaced for others as well, referenced at the end here:
  6. Thanks. Unfortunately, I realized the version I was on was "latest", which due to a Java issue, is not actually the latest. As a test I forced v1.9.0, which resolved my database issue, but of course I ran into the Java exception. Good to know latest Filebot version fixed the API access, so looking forward for the Java issue to be resolved. Going back to latest for now.
  7. Can you update the docker to the latest version, 4.9.1? I'm having issues with a DB that I hope will work with an update. It works on the Windows 4.9.1 version.
  8. FYI, I got the remote tunnel to work without a problem after I cleared my config, updated the plugin, and reconfigured.
  9. I've been trying to set this up to work like OpenVPN does for me, creating a direct tunnel to my server and being able to access everything as if I was sitting at the server. This includes access to my LAN and home internet. This appears to be what the remote tunneled access should do, but the most that I can get out of it is access to my LAN. Internet access does not come through. I did read about the DNS discussion earlier in this thread, but I don't plan on making any DNS changes to my phone or other computers. So my question is, is it possible to setup Wireguard to function as a OpenVPN replacement, with the same functionality and simplicity, only requiring enabling the VPN connection on my phone to work through my server? Thanks. Edit: I also had an issue with my script using lftp which could not access my remote server when wireguard was active for this configuration. I haven't really looked into it yet.
  10. Quick test shows everything is working as expected now. Thanks for looking into this!
  11. Thanks, I just tested, but it still wouldn't work. 7z is installed now, but now I'm actually seeing errors in the log I think something broke aside from just missing 7z. These are the errors: 25/03/2019 12:46:04 called initialize_xfixes() java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: net.sf.sevenzipjbinding.SevenZipNativeInitializationException: Failed to load 7z-JBinding: no 7-Zip-JBinding in java.library.path at net.filebot.ui.filter.Tool$UpdateModelTask.done( Caused by: net.sf.sevenzipjbinding.SevenZipNativeInitializationException: Failed to load 7z-JBinding: no 7-Zip-JBinding in java.library.path I can no longer set the FILEBOT_OPTS either in case it wasn't configured to the right version. You can see all the FileBot system info/bindings here as well, where it shows the 7z binding error: ./opt/filebot/filebot -script fn:sysinfo
  12. So I have everything almost fully configured for the amc script, but the one thing that doesn't work during testing is extracting archives, specifically on multi-part rar archives. Testing it in the GUI, Filters > Archives, doesn't show FileBot able to identify what files are in them. It just says 0 files in the archive. Using the same archives in the Windows build, everything works as expected. Am I missing an executable that FileBot uses to unarchive? There aren't any error messages either that I can find, it just says 0 files in archive or doesn't show anything in the GUI. Did anyone else get this to work? Edit: Looking through some FileBot discussion, it looks like it's recommended to use p7zip-full for the most reliable extraction (through export FILEBOT_OPTS="-Dnet.filebot.Archive.extractor=SevenZipExecutable"), but by default it uses 7zip native. Neither of them seem to be installed in the docker, I can only find unzip in /usr/bin/.