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  1. Good evening all. I'm also a user that has enjoyed the stability of this container for a long time. Starting this week, I started to have problem. I removed the files from the SABVPN OpenVPN folder Downloaded the Openvpn-nextgen Files this evening and added CA Toronto and the PM and CRT File I followed A22 here It corrected my issue. Thank you very very much.
  2. Isolation - Successful. Changing Strict port forwarding from YES to NO resolved the issue of being unable to login to Web UI.
  3. Isolation - Successful. Changing Strict port forwarding from YES to NO resolved the issue of being unable to login to Web UI.
  4. Failing for me today as well. Connection Refused.
  5. Ok. Well signs point to Binhex DelugeVPN as being the culprit. I can't connect to it and Radarr is now not working expected either.
  6. Is something weird going on with Sonaar? Docker worked excellent since initial configuration, quite some time ago. No system changes made, aside from potentially auto updates on dockers. Starting today - Errors to Sab and Indexer I checked Radarr, and that is still working with the same configuration settings to Sab and Indexer. Version 6.4.0
  7. The EPYC and Ryzen Desktop are maxed out as well as my Work machine Lets see what happens to Recent Credit! Note. The Unraid Team averages 48% more credit per user than the /r/covid19 team
  8. In summary - go to Docker Edit the Boinc Container Switch to Advanced View of Update Container in the "Extra Parameters Field" Add the string, "--cpu-shares=2" When this is saved and the Docker Restarted, the Boinc container will maximize usage of the CPU when no other Docker "Plex etc" have CPU requirements. Do I have that correct? (I have a GTX1650 Super) so my CPU needs are probably very minimal anyway )
  9. Ryzen 1700 desktop and my unraid epyc just joined the Unraid Boinc Swarm. Gotta find that sweet spot where I dont crowd out the docker serving up the kids cartoons. 😛
  10. Yes! I specifically encountered this issue when trying to "Test" the Server Downloaders" and even the categories had a problem. Based on what I could see, Google Chrome was causing the fields to somehow mismatch which resulted in saving the wrong field data to the wrong fields. As a result, the save would fail because the data it was trying to put into the fields was "Illegal" I speculated that it might have to do with autofill/remembered data. When I logged in with Microsoft Edge and did the same activities it worked as expected. I had a similar experience with the Sonarr/Radarr webui's as well.
  11. Thank you Bin! Looks like plenty of confirmation of resolution already on the thread but I will also pull down and test this evening.
  12. What kind of router are you using today 08deanr?
  13. Updated Delugevpn container this evening and the proxy stopped working for Sonarr and Radarr.
  14. Limetech should do more of that kind of thing. There is so much information. It would be awesome if there was regular content discussed on there. I think that having community projects for dockers/vm's discussed, going over plugins, talking about best practices, hardware, and so on would be really cool. There are a lot of fun people in the community, so if you get a few of them together on a stream with some ice cold beer I'm sure it would be entertaining.