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  1. Dude, that work! - system is completely up and running!! The simple things right? Thank you very much bonienl, you're a rock-star! You just saved me quite a bit of work.
  2. Hi there. I think that I have a relatively easy problem to solve, it's my inexperience that's keeping me from solving it. I think the larger community might have a quick and easy answer for me to get back on track. I've got a pretty good setup, and since it doesn't involve any hardware and configuration optioning, i don't think I need to go into that. I will if someone thinks its needed. here's my situation; I had a full configuration deployed - array was solid, containers were up, had a win10 vm with a rx580 pass-through + a Mojave VM with the same GPU done and done. Everything was working soundly. Then I went and edited my syslinux while in unraid and removed the "permit UEFI" tick and rebooted. Hands down, in one shot my system wont boot anymore. I've tried to change the setting on the MB to allow bios booting but it's just not working. I think that's because when I setup in the boot creator I made it so it would use UEFI to begin with. I know I can just run the installer again and rebuild the USB drive and again make it go UEFI but I was hoping that there was an simple way of making it do that without reformatting it and rebuilding the OS on the USB. I pulled sandisk USB and dropped into my personal rig, I can browse and see all the files, edit the syslinux, view others. I just havent been able to find the UEFI option there. Does someone know where I can go and enable UEFI on the USB stick itself? If not, I'll burn through the hours it took me to build and get everything dialed in again. Just thought I'd ask first before I lose a half a day rebuilding my server again. Thanks. As a post script, I'm super impressed with unraid, the meshing of array, vm's and containers all in one... I shut down 2 other systems in my home because of this all in one option. Love it!