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  1. So another issue now, it is saying the superblock is invalid. That is when trying to mount the drive using UD.
  2. So if I format a new drive on the system I can copy the files to that drive? (From the two 2tb hard drives), Presuming the capacities line up?
  3. Good Afternoon, So I recently purchased a dell poweredge R710 with a perc700 raid controller and I was migrating my old system to this new system when I ran into a drive problem. Essentially my drives had to be created into virtual disks (raid controller) which were fine and then when in the unraid OS I had to create a new config in order for the original array to be recognised. The drives were then recognised, however, two of the data drives (which still have data on them) have an issue where they are Unmountable due to "Unsupported partition layout" with a file system
  4. Has anyone successfully managed to get Ombi to work with this? I have an issue where I can setup the reverse proxy but I cannot get past the login page of ombi (wont let me click the sign in button).
  5. My indexer settings requires simply copying the torznab feed into the url and setting the pi key correctly (which was done). I have also currently tried changing ports removing letsencyrpt and resetting my containers (with no luck error still persists) so it has simply messed up my whole docker library. All tutorials for letsencrypt perform simple changes that just seem to work on their specific configs. This error also refers to connecting to a download client (in my case deluge) where a similar ReadDoneAsync2 error occurs also, so it is something with the sonarr. I cannot post th
  6. Good Evening, I am trying to get a reverse proxy to allow me to use sonarr and radarr from out of my lan. However, I can get the sonarr and radarr setup correctly, yet the connections to deluge and jackett fail. I am following this tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0lhZc25Sro and have included both deluge and jackett into the letsencrypt settings. Whenever I try to test an indexer i get an an ReadDoneAsync2 error: Any help would be appreciated as I have been trying to solve this for hours.