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  1. I literally have about 50 tabs open, but this was probably the one that I ended up following: https://tfahl.com/2017/08/04/graphing_snmp_data_with_prometheus_and_grafana.html Thanks to him and you, I have both Prometheus and the Prometheus SNMP exporter running in (separate) containers, talking to each other, collecting data..... and I've produced graphs in Grafana, also in a separate container. So, success! Thanks GilbN!
  2. I've been reading about prometheus, prometheus snmp exporter, snmp generator, etc. for 5 hours this morning.... and I swore something said there is just a plain jane default file. I'm going to lose my mind if there is not. argh. so, no... I have not. thanks edit: ok, I'm not entirely crazy: https://prometheus.io/docs/introduction/first_steps/ does say it comes with a sample, I just assumed it was in place.
  3. I wish I knew how cross1991 got prometheus running, this is my error: all the volumes, mounts, binds, etc. look correct me to me. can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks!
  4. not sure how you timed that, after thinking about it for a bit I came to the same conclusion, and deleted my previous post. Lol. thanks for the info.
  5. Just telling you what Unraid did... and what I did. Maybe a product suggestion to remove the irrelevant check.
  6. I've done a new config. It started a parity check, I canceled it Then started the upgrade to 6.6.7 powered down and removed that dead drive6. rebooted into 6.6.7 with no issues, and the parity check started again. I'm gonna let that run over night, and then spend some more time removing the drives on the Jmicron controller, and adding in my 1.5 TB drives instead. thanks. So far so good still.
  7. I tried to use the Unraid web GUI to reboot or power down, but there was no response from the system. I held the power button for 8 seconds and the system came back up and said the array has returned to a "good" state. No errors and everything is green. SMART show's no errors, with the short tests returning "completed without error". But I dont trust it, lol. I think I need to do the following: Remove the unused disk 6 by "doing a new config". (I'll google this I suppose) Upgrade to 6.6.7 Run a consistency check on the array (unless setting up the new config has that step).
  8. I'll do a reboot and check the smart status when I get home from work, thanks. Before I left, I did see that Unraid was doing a check, and the errors kicked up to 30M and 80M respectively @ 34% complete. 0_o
  9. @jonathanm - Disk 6 "not installed" is the (SDD) drive listed as "unassigned" and I am 100% confident it has zero content. Secondly, I'm aware of the age of array, and do a have a cloud backup with crashplan. Right now, I just need to know the steps to put the array back together. I have (2) 1.5 TB drives available to add to the array, or to use to replace any of these drives, if needed. thanks!
  10. Hey folks - First time I've encountered an error on UnRaid, running version 6.6.6. The Fix Common Problems plugin is telling me that Disks 3 & 4 have read errors, and Disks 3 & 6 are in Read-only mode. How do I remove the unused disk 6 from the array? I moved all the content off the drive a long time ago, I just need to clean up the array finally. What do I do about Disk 3.... and then Disk 4? So I get my array back into good health. Thanks,