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  1. Are there easy instructions for this, or would it be as simple as: 1 - move all my appdata and other cache shares to the array 2 - Kill the cache pool 3 - recreate the cache pool from scratch 4 - move everything back to the pool ? I'm sure I can do some searches on how to accomplish this exactly, but any help is appreciated.
  2. So I've been keeping an eye on it. It's happened two more times now over the last week. I'm not sure how to track down why this is happening. The btrfs rescue command and restarting the array fixes it, but I don't want to keep having this issue. I'm at a loss on how to fix it permanently. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Thanks. That worked. Any insight as to 'why' this could happen? I don't see any issues with the drives themselves.
  4. I woke up this morning to all of my docker containers being gone. I dug in a bit more and found the following message for my Cache Pool where the appdata folder resides: Unmountable: Unsupported or No File System Not sure how this happened, and I'm not great at troubleshooting it. I'm not sure if something got corrupted? I run the backup utility, and it ran last night, so I have all my appdata. Just wondering if there is a quick way to restore this? I've attached my diagnostics Edit: Changed from solved to add details below.
  5. I was just coming back to post that I found that was the issue. I disabled that since it also happens every 60 minutes and it fixed it. Thanks for the confirmation.
  6. I came here looking for the same thing. Running in to exactly the same issue with the public test beta. We have 1-6 players at any given time. We've used the ich777 container several times before without issue. The only difference with this one is that I'm using a different appdata location and I've added: '-beta public-test -betapassword yesimadebackups' to the 'GAME_ID'. One interesting thing that I've noticed is that world files are NOT being created in the backups folder. It remains empty. Since this behavior was happening each hour, and the default backup is 62 min, I tried setting the backup variable to 'false'. This did not fix the issue and players are still being disconnected about every 60 minutes. I'm going to keep digging, but so far, I've had no luck. If I can provide anything to help in troubleshooting, let me know.
  7. That's good info, thanks. So I confirmed that it does look like it is just one module creating the issue. I'll run of one 32GB module for the time being and try to RMA the other. Thanks to all for the help.
  8. I wonder if there is a way that can be clarified in the boot menu, or removed as a boot option? Could have saved me a lot of time. There is nothing to indicate that it isn't working. It booted and ran just fine. Recognized the ram and did 3+ passes in 24 hours. Also, that should probably be spelled out here since it seems that ECC is actually a good idea for Unraid servers even if it isn't necessary: That says it doesn't have all the features, but not supporting ECC is a pretty big one. Especially since MemTest still runs and seems to be doing it's thing just fine. Perhaps it would be better if the old version just isn't included anymore, and users just directed to download the latest version for troubleshooting?
  9. Seriously? I wasted a lot of time then. That's the first time I've seen that. For now, I'm verifying that it wasn't just seated improperly by putting the stick I think may have been failing back. If I start getting errors again, I may download the full MemTest86, but not sure if I will need to. Is it a licensing issue for including the most recent version that supports ECC with Unraid?
  10. Yeah... I don't know what I was thinking. Looking at the system info that I uploaded, it says 64GB. I pulled the second stick and started getting errors. Moved that one I removed to the same slot I was testing and so far no errors. Looks like I may have a stick going bad? Fingers crossed I don't get any more errors. So is Memtest just worthless then?
  11. I'm working on doing that now. I pulled one stick and realized I have a 64GB kit and Unraid is only reporting 32GB with both sticks installed. Memtest was reporting 64GB. Could it be a weird issue with Unraid? Seems weird that I could go 24 hours with no errors in Memtest, and then I get memory errors withing 10-30 minutes in Unraid.
  12. Hello All, I recently started noticing that my server was constantly running parity checks. Turns out, it seems it was randomly rebooting once a day, and I can't figure out why. I looked at the logs, and I see a bunch of errors like this: Jul 4 15:11:48 Dmitri kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged Jul 4 15:11:48 Dmitri kernel: [Hardware Error]: Corrected error, no action required. Jul 4 15:11:48 Dmitri kernel: [Hardware Error]: CPU:0 (17:71:0) MC18_STATUS[Over|CE|MiscV|AddrV|-|-|SyndV|CECC|-|-|Scrub]: 0xdc2041000000011b Jul 4 15:11:48 Dmitri kernel: [Hardware Error]: Error Addr: 0x00000007c3f5d0c0 Jul 4 15:11:48 Dmitri kernel: [Hardware Error]: IPID: 0x0000009600150f00, Syndrome: 0x000400040a801202 Jul 4 15:11:48 Dmitri kernel: [Hardware Error]: Unified Memory Controller Ext. Error Code: 0, DRAM ECC error. Jul 4 15:11:48 Dmitri kernel: EDAC MC0: 1 CE Cannot decode normalized address on mc#0csrow#2channel#1 (csrow:2 channel:1 page:0x0 offset:0x0 grain:64 syndrome:0x4) Jul 4 15:11:48 Dmitri kernel: [Hardware Error]: cache level: L3/GEN, tx: GEN, mem-tx: RD So I thought maybe it was memory related. I rebooted my server and ran Memtest for 24 hours with no errors. Hardware: ASRockRack X470D4U AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core @ 3800 MHz 32GB DDRF ECC This is a relatively new development. Any idea on what may be going on? Thanks.
  13. So renaming the share worked and everything showed up. I just had to give users permission to that share again. It seems like the upgrade script should check to see if that's an issue before the upgrade. Either way, thank you for the help on getting this fixed. I was racking my brain. Thanks.
  14. I guess I'm confused. Is that a change introduced in 6.9.0? I've been running it this way for a couple years. I can certainly try that tomorrow.
  15. It just doesn't seem to exist in my shares. I know it was set up, because I have //server/user mapped on multiple computers here in my house and they all stopped working. This is what I see on my shares now: Media is the main share where I have movies tv home videos etc. The share "user" used to be there I think... It used two separate physical disks from the rest of the shares. It worked for so long without issue, I don't even remember how I had it set up. The two disks are still there... I can still browse the physical disks and see the files. I just can't connect by SMB, and and all my network mappings broke. Can a share named "user" just be recreated using Disk 3,4 and it will go back to working? I'm just perplexed as to how it just disappeared in the first place. There seems to be config files pointing to it in diagnostics, but it seems to be gone from any unraid menu.
  16. I guess that's the problem... there is no share listed for it. There's no place for me to set permissions. I don't know where it could have gone. Maybe I'm missing something.
  17. The diagnostics are attached. The shares used to be visible at //dmitri/user/ What was once the "user" share was segregated from my other shares and was on Disk 3/4 only. Like I said... I can still see the data physically on the disk, but the share is gone. None of my applications or media touch those two drives. All of that stuff is working as normal. Any help/insight is appreciated. Thanks.
  18. I recently upgraded to 6.9.0, and I thought everything went fine. Today I rebooted my windows system, and it said it couldn't reconnect to my user shares. These are the ones that I had specifically set up for different user accounts. All of the other regular shares for media and such are there. I've tried rebooting, but no luck. I can see that the disks are there with no errors. I can also see that the files are still there. What would make the "user" shares disappear?
  19. Having just considered moving from standard software RAID to unRAID, this is what I would suggest... Assuming that you don't already have an easy to access backup. Get a good deal on a WD 8 or 10TB external drive (Easy Store or My Book). Copy the data to that and verify that it's good. Build your new pool without a parity drive. Copy the data from the external to the new pool, and verify the data. Shuck the 8 or 10TB drive, and install it as your parity drive. Now you have the new pool/system set up, and plenty of room for easy expansion since your parity drive is now much larger. Keep your old 4TB parity drive as a spare in case a drive fails.
  20. Well unRaid is live for my home server now. I've carefully packaged up the drives from my OMV server just in case. I was really impressed with how smoothly unRaid handled my dual NICs on the first boot. I thought that would be painful. It just worked.
  21. Okay, I had another thought today. I'm starting the build tonight... I have the 2 x 10TB drives shucked and ready to go. Am I better of doing 1 parity and 1 data to start? Or is it better to start with 2 data drives so that the data is balanced access the two drives from the start? Either way, I'll be adding the 3rd drive in a few weeks. Thanks again for all the help. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  22. I decided to go ahead and shuck the drives I had last night. I'll set them up proper on a spare MB/CPU I have and then transfer my files from my current server. Upgrading will be so much easier once I've made the switch to unRaid.
  23. I was afraid of that. It's a WD My Book. I was only planning on building a very basic pool without parity initially. Then simply copy all the files from my current NAS over. Then shuck the drives and put them in the proper server.
  24. Great. I was hoping for that. Maybe the last question.... I'll be shucking my 10TB drives. To get it going, can I set up the two drives in their USB enclosure? Once I shuck them, will unRaid still recognize them, or will the drive IDs change?