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  1. I had the issue today after deleting an mp3 file. I couldn´t delete the fusehidden file. After a restart of unraid server the file has gone. I don´t know if it solves other problems with directory but in my case a new server start was enough.
  2. I had success with this two command lines via nextcloudpi docker console: sudo -s cd /var/www/nextcloud/ sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ maintenance:mode --off I found this solution by google search. Now synchronizing by caldav and carddav is running ok as before. Everything seems ok now, but I can´t explain why Nextcloud instance was suddenly in maintenance mode.
  3. I use a lot of months nextcloud (installed by nextcloudpi) at my Unraid System. This morning no calndar snchro was possible because Nextcloud is in "Maintenance Mode". First I restartet nextcloudpi-Container, but same error. Then I shut down my server and startet it, but I can´t reach the GUI of nextcloud or nextcloudpi. How can I stop the maintenance mode? The server runs over night and no error was reported. with Cloud commander I wantet to change in Config.php the maintenance mode from True to false, but there is no line with "Maintenance....." I can´t find this text in config.
  4. I would be happy too with this feature.
  5. 2nd morning in row I couldn´t reach my Unraid server. Only shut down and startup helps. This morning I heard that fan was hardly working. How can I detect what the reason is. I can see only the log since restart the server and not the reason why it hangs before. Many weeks along the system runs smoothly without errors.
  6. Very strange behaviour. Now I tried again a´s functioning. No fan running. A normal start by pressing power button works.....I´m amazaed und have no explanation. UPDATE: Call me stupid noob. Now I tried a reboot and it works. I´m sure that the behaviour of my Unraid system that I described in 1st post wasn´t only once last night. I remarked it a several times before in the last weeks.
  7. Since a short time a reboot isn´t possible. After choosing "reboot" the system ist shutting down but it´s not automatically rebooting. It´s strange that I can hear along working a fan. Starting by pressing the power button it´s not possible too, but after unplug the power cable for a short moment (and then plug in again) I can start normally the system. Last night I shutdown the system (no rebooting chosen) this morning it was the same problem: Hearing fan working and no start at pressing power button. But after shortly unplugging (and then plug in) the power cable a normal start w
  8. Thanks @Toskachefor the hint. I´m also looking for an DMS-Tool. How can I use it with unraid? Sorry for my stupid question but I´m noob. I can´t find "devonthink" in the apps-catalogue. I´m not knowing how to install a devonthink-docker in unraid.
  9. Many thanks @cmccambridge. 👏 Everyting is fine now at my server with your app. The ocrmypdf-auto docker is now up to date after correcting the repository location. It was very easy to change it (for me as a noob) with your detailed (pictured) description and explanation. I´m happy now.🙂
  10. Same at my sytem: ocrmypdf_auto -> Link is not available
  11. Great job @Knex666 👍 I´m impatiently waiting for your OpenProject Unraid Docker Container. Waiting is over. thanks.
  12. @cmccambridgeYes, I could solve it. Thanks for your ocrpdf-tool/app. I love it. Another question I have is where I have to create (or find) the "archive" if i use "Archive_Input_Files" at "Action On Success"?
  13. Hello, I´m a new happy unraid user and installed this plugin. The container runs and I put a pdf-file in the input folder. Then I restarted the container and the file is additionally in the output folder. That´s fine. But I don´t understand how to make it that ocrmypd_auto runs automatically; e.g. at a time period (once an hour or once a day...) or every time when a new file is detected in the input folder. Or is it necessary that I restart every time manually the container for (a) new pdf-file(s)? Sorry for my stupid question (because I´m a noob) and bad (school-)
  14. Ok, then I have to wait. Thanks for your answer.
  15. How can I update Nextcloud from 17 to new Version 18 via nextcloudpi ? I tried to upgrade but I can´t. Is it possible? Which way/method?